‘Kudzanayi song’ speaks volumes about love and abuse.

‘Kudzanayi  song’ speaks volumes about love and abuse.

The Fusion between the two artists who are coming from the same world of music and same rhythm in the song ‘Kudzanayi’ has taken the music fans and industry by storm.

Versatile artists, Simangaliso Mutize (28) born and breed in the Sunshine city of Harare in Zimbabwe is the voice behind the song Kudzanayi that has been trending on social media. The hit song has been a collabo between with Neville popularly known for his brand name ‘Mbira Dzehiphop’ who became the producer of the project and Simangaliso Mutize.

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Simangaliso who scripted the lyrics of the song, told My Afrika Mag that the song is not only dedicated as an advocacy to women who are being abused but it advocates for all genders who are facing abuse in their relationships.

The song delivers the defination of true love to the world and what one should do when they are in a toxic and abusive relationship.

“For me Kudzanayi is a song of every gender, for it doesn’t cover the women side only. When I wrote it, I had a picture of men also, gender is humanity we are all equal. Kudzanayi is a message of respect saying love shouldn’t hurt if it’s not working move on and be happy,” said Simangaliso.

When asked about the significant of the mbira in her life and why she used it in the track, ‘Kudzanayi,’
Simangaliso whom herself is a Mbira player said mbira is a unique and special instrument in her music career and it’s a connection to her African roots.

“Mbira is a very deep instrument, I felt in love with it because it gave me a space to connect into creative world and the fact that it is our own traditional instrument as a person who loves culture, I got to choose it,” said Simangaliso.

Neville and Simangaliso told My Afrika Mag that the collabo that they did in the song Kudzanayi, is the start of many projects that they are planning to work together on in future.

When asked about her poetry career, Simangaliso said both music and poetry are similar and that makes it easier for her to work within the two sectors.

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“I am a package of art. I started as visual artist and I discovered my other strengthens later on, with music and poetry. Poetry comes first because it’s a lifestyle while music is an emotion it applies the situation of you or someone who is facing it,” said Simangaliso.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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