Behind the scenes: An exclusive chat with Mudiwa

Behind the scenes: An exclusive chat with Mudiwa
IMG-20230223-WA0008-767x1024 Behind the scenes: An exclusive chat with Mudiwa

Television is an industry with a lot of unspoken heroes. We usually applaud presenters we see on the screen while forgetting those behind the scenes. Today, My Afrika Mag reporter, Sympathy Sibanda (SS) sat down for an exclusive interview with producer Mudiwa (MK).

SS: Tell us about yourself, who is Mudiwa Kombora?

MK: I’m the son of Jerry Mangadi-Kombora and the amazing Priscilla Munodawafa, raised in different cities and towns, from Bulawayo, Hwange, Nyanga, and mostly in Harare which is where he currently is. I’m majoring in Film and Television Producing and Production Management at ZIFTESSA, where I’ve produced and practiced directing in a few short films, while also working as a producer and set designer for 3K TV.

My past engagements with the arts and entertainment industry are painting abstract art, phone photography, and graphic design, looking at it in retrospect, I’ve always been gravitating towards where I am currently. I like to believe I have a relentless spirit when it comes to my craft, with a talent for visuals. My need for creative and emotionally impactful storytelling is yet to see me become one of, THE, historians and storytellers of our time.

SS: Take us through your journey at 3k TV.

MK: I have gained valuable insight into the inner workings of the industry by being involved with the various aspects of production which include conceptualization, pre-production, shooting, post-production, and distribution. I also have the opportunity to work with a team of professionals who are passionate about their craft and eager to share their knowledge and expertise with me. Working under pressure is always a given, and I can confidently say that sometimes it brings the best out of people and shows a bit more of who they are and what they could work on, for growth.

I have also managed to add my own touch of visual style to  3K TV by changing sets on some talk shows, working alongside Tavonga Muwani and the technical crew, and trusting my executive producers and leadership in guiding me to be my best, as an innovative and task-oriented creative.

IMG-20230224-WA0035-768x1024 Behind the scenes: An exclusive chat with Mudiwa

SS: Which shows do you work on and how has been your experience?

MK: I am currently producing People n Earth, Dancehall Champions, Co-producing on e360, Hurudza, and then I have shows I do set design for which are, Cousins, Her Story, Bhachi Committee, Club 3k, a few others airing, and new ones coming soon.

My experience through it all is mostly educational. The more research and conversations I have in order to write scripts, the more I get exposed to new information, making me part of a whole world, that I would love for viewers to also be a part of.

SS: Which is your favorite show to watch and why?

MK: My favorite show, is Zim Uncovered. As someone who has lived in different places around Zim, this show gives me nostalgia and at the same time ignites my interest in traveling, more and more.

image2-9 Behind the scenes: An exclusive chat with Mudiwa

SS: What motto do you live by?

MK: My motto, out of the many mottos that help me, I say, is “Your focus determines your reality”.

SS: What’s your personal TV dream?

MK: TV has me wanting to have a network of shows that interconnect and share each other’s market networks and give viewers information that glorifies things that make a positive impact on the Republic of Zimbabwe, ultimately branding the country as a nice place to be and the breadbasket of Africa once again, that might just be a big part of my duty.

SS: Any motivational words for readers and viewers out there

MK: The best motivation I can give at this time, is that we have the choice to go for what we want in life, all it takes is having a go-getters attitude, some acquire it later than most, but better late than never, because that way, an obstacle can go from being a tall and wide brick wall to being a  hill you can climb to reach the other side, attitude and passion for what you want. You can’t expect the next person to work for a future you want, you can’t expect them to ignore their fears because they don’t know how much you can do and overcome, only you do.

Sympathy Sibanda

I love life, am a creative, a published author and a serial entrepreneur. Award winning Co-founder at Amandla Brands.

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