“He knows our challenges hence we support him…”

“He knows our challenges hence we support him…”

The name Ostallos ‘Gift ‘ Siziba appears in many pages in the book of politics in Zimbabwe.
Ostallos Gift Siziba is the current Deputy Spokesperson of the newly formed opposition party Triple C also known as the Citizens Coalition for Change party.

While some believed that he will be part of the future leaders in years to come, it seems like Siziba has already reached that stage as he hopes to be among the country’s youngest members of Parliament after the upcoming elections end.

55d1a6f2-3c93-4bbc-827d-9f28a1eb5a95 "He knows our challenges hence we support him..."

Siziba was nominated by the residents of Pelandaba-Tshabalala during the triple C party nomination process to find party represent in the area for the upcoming elections.

His prominence during the election period became more popular during the disqualification of the Citizens Coalition for Change MPs for the upcoming elections in Bulawayo whom the CCC 12 were later reinstated by the Supreme Court.

Pelandaba Township is part of the constituency that is being represented by Siziba along with aspiring councillor of ward 13, Mwinde. It’s also home to one of the Nationalist, late Father Zimbabwe, who was the former late Vice President of Zimbabwe known as Joshua Nkomo.

My Afrika Mag Reporter visited the area this week on Wednesday 16 August, when The Triple CCC party was conducting their door-to-door campaign in one of the wards of area at Minyala  ward 13.

One of Pelandaba’s residents informed My Afrika Mag that they were drinking because that is one of the methods which reduces their problems.

“We drink not because we want but we drink to drown our sorrows. When you are drunk you forget that you are unemployed. We hope the upcoming government after these elections will deal with this new method, which is for you to be employed you don’t need skills but to be known by the boss, that is corruption,” he said.

Another gentleman who was part of the group, also said: “We want change therefore Ostallos is one of us and knows our challenges that is the reason I am supporting and voting for the youths,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with Ward 13 aspiring CCC Councillor in Minyela, he said that their campaign has been positive and well received by the residents of the area.

He further said, the CCC campaign is being driven by young voters because they are the most affected and they believe in change.

“Indeed, youths are vanguards of the party with so much energy to campaign for their party candidate and are the most affected.”

Turning to the page that young people are spending most of their time drinking alcohol. Aspiring Councillor Lovewell Mwinde said, this is a national crisis and it’s not only spotted in ward 13 at Pelandaba -Tshabalala Constituency.

Mwinde added that when he is voted in the office, he is going to take advantage of the setting of the ward being situated in one of the largest industrial areas in Zimbabwe, Kelvin. He also said that negotiations should be made with industrial owners to employ local residents as this will reduce the number of unemployment especially to the youths and they will be unable to engage in the abuse of alcohol.

Repairing public toilets and completion of residents’ personal toilets in Minyela area are among his top agendas when Mr Mwinde is voted in office.

When questioned over the double CCC candidates’ posters, Mwinde said: “Yes some have placed their posters under the name CCC confusing our electorates but what I am happy with is that most of the electorate knows who the authentic candidates of the party are.”

He further urged voters to go in their numbers and vote for the triple CCC candidates.

“My beloved Bulawayo and Iminyela residents in particular. Voting is your constitutional right so when the time comes let’s vote big and win big. Vote for President Nelson Chamisa and his authentic candidate Gift Ostallos Siziba for Pelandaba Tshabalala Constituency and Councillor Lovewell Mwinde ward 13,” he said.

This Sunday, Ward 13 in Bulawayo is expecting to host Triple C’s presidential rally with Nelson Chamisa as the main guest of the event.

f6eeaf3f-48be-4e39-b095-f56d89a1fc2c "He knows our challenges hence we support him..."

Mwinde confirmed that preparations and mobilisation are all underway to host their leader.

Picture Credit: Mgcini Nyoni

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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