It’s time to repair and rebuild our city

It’s time to repair and rebuild our city

Prominent Human Rights activist, Octavious Dumisani Nkomo who is well known as OD and Human Rights activist is running for a council city in the city of Kings and Queens.

When he broke the news to his friends on social media, he is running for public office on the council of Ward 5.

0ctavius Dumisani Nkomo has been a human rights activist for more than two decades, advocating for the social rights of the people of Bulawayo such as when clean access to water, availability of electricity, and living in a clean and safe environment.

He has worked hand in hand with non-governmental organisations that monitor and keep the accountability of both the local and national governments.

Hence when he made his announcement that he will be running for public office to many of his friends and family it wasn’t a surprise as they believed it was about time for him to occupy such an office.

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Mr Nkomo’s campaign has been headlined, ‘Let’s Clean Up Bulawayo.’

The theme of his campaign comes at a time when the City of Bulawayo’s environmental status has degraded and many of the residents within the city have made up calls for restoration.

Nkomo said its time for the residents of Bulawayo to unite and vote for people who will work hard to return the city’s

“Let’s push for changes: accessible services for all, clean city, healthy lives. Transparent leadership, smart industries. We can restore Bulawayo’s pride and dignity, fix the city and make it clean again,” he said.

Nkomo also informed that when he is voted in the office he will see that the empowerment of local artists is made and the council will revive cultural hubs and sports centers. He said these two centers are important in Bulawayo and hence there is a need for them to be supported by the council. As they play a major role in tackling the issue of drug abuse by young people.

In an interview with the aspiring Ward 5 councilor, Octavious Nkomo told My Afrika Mag that, it’s not the time for the Citizens to blame the outgoing council for not developing a number of projects that they had processed them.

However, it’s time for the citizens to use the knowledge that they obtained from the reasons why the council failed to conduct their roles and rebuild the city to its original standard. He also added that an investigation should be made to identify why some projects failed to exist and residents should be informed why and what happened.

Aspiring Ward 5 Bulawayo Councillor Nkomo who is running under the CCC card, stated that part of his major goals is to strengthen community policing for safer neighborhoods and for every streetlight to be renewed. He also said he will be a listening councilor who will be open to everyone.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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