Spotlight: Kim Makumbe’s exciting rise to stardom

Spotlight: Kim Makumbe’s exciting rise to stardom

Fresh, exciting, empowering; these are a few reactions that emerge from listening to the music of Kim Makumbe. Kimberly “Kim” Makumbe is a Zimbabwean singer of soul/RnB and pop music. She launched her musical career in 2019 and she continues to grow and reap the rewards of her efforts and gleaming talent.

2-3 Spotlight: Kim Makumbe’s exciting rise to stardom

Kim sings in her church choir and claims she began writing music while she was still in primary school. She is inspired by the likes of Ammara Brown, Gemma Griffiths and Tamy Moyo. She has graced the stage at festivals such as Oktoberfest and Amplifaya Festival.

Some of her most note worthy singles include “Do You” deals with personal identity while “Body” is a song that speaks to image and body positivity. “Ndazvpira” is a testimony to her dizzying vocal ability and a bone chilling, piano driven ballade on one’s commitment to be someone’s love.

One of her latest offerings is titled “Must be Love” which is an affirmation to love. Kim was also recently featured on musical icon ExQ’s latest album ‘Enoch’ on the single “Mashoko”. She is the only female artist featured on the album and the single is steadily finding a special place in the hearts of music admirers.

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed; this year she was nominated for “Best Soul/RnB” at the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

Besides her music, worth noting is Kim’s sense of style. She has showcased a daring sense of style time and time again on at industry events and in her music videos. Most recently she showcased a daring look at the ZIMAs.

With a steady growing on social media and continued play on the airwaves, Kim has seemed to aligned herself for great success in the music industry.

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