By Rubaya Tapiwanashe 

One of the most important part of Jewelry that every gentleman or a lady needs to own it’s a watch. 

Reigning Mister Supranational UK, Walter Chahwanda provides reasons why it’s important for one to own his brands, ‘Kingdom Agents Watches’

In our conversation with Chahwanda we don’t only get details about the uniqueness of the watches but reveals some of the brand ambassadors.

Q: Walter thank you for your time. Why did you decided to come up with the brand for watches? 

A: I felt that many people who desire to go into fashion always opt for printing T-shirt’s, hoodies etc. Though this is good I wanted to do something different and that has never been done before.

Q: Why are the watches’ brand titled Kingdom Agent watch brand? 

A: I believe the church is called to do more than just to pray. The bible says,’ pray and watch’.

The watch part involves actions. I also believe that Christians should be running fashion industries by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I named the brand, label Kingdom agents from the scripture Matthew 28:19.

Q: What makes them to be Outstanding?

A:  They are a watch brand with a message both to the one who wears/ and to the people who see it. 

Q: Who are the manufacturers of these watches?

A: I have two different Manufacters who makes my watches depending on the design. However, I am not in a stage to reveal

Q: As a model you know that there is power in marketing, what are some of your ways in marketing the brand?

A: Brand associations are very important where marketing is concerned and also brand placements. So, I invest a lot of money into brand placement in order to increase visibility and desirability  

Q: JJ Hairston is one of your main brand ambassador s why him?

A: JJ Hairston is ONE of our major brand ambassadors however, they are more people like Jekayln Carr, Micheal Stuckey & Vashawn Mitchell.

Q: Why should every person have to be in possession of these watches? 

A: Kingdom Agents is growing at such a pace and catching eyes from Major names in the model and Ministry world. I would advise every believer and fashion persons to get themselves, this watch.

Q: Lastly back home, how can one purchase them?

A: We have not yet received sufficient interest in Zimbabwe to be able to supply the watches but as soon as the market opens up, we would be willing to send some over!

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