Hair business provides an opportunity for young entrepreneur

Hair business provides an opportunity for young entrepreneur

The role of this magazine is to showcase the hidden treasures,fascinating stories happening around Africa. My Afrika Magazine feature reporter met up with a young Zimbabwean hair enthusiast who has been making waves in her industry. At just 25 Salome Ndhlovu, owner of Shecs wigs boutique is on the road to create a hair empire that is on every woman’s heart and head.

Salome, welcome to My Afrika magazine.

Thank you Sympathy. Its good to be here and talk about all things hair and my
business , Shecs wigs boutique.

You are a very young entrepreneur and already you are making noise in the hair industry. What really motivated you to venture into this business?
It has really been a journey of providence and opportunity. What motivated me to do the hair business dates back to my childhood.

Well growing up I liked styling my hair ,plaiting and coming up with new styles. My dolls were always in trouble. As fate would have it, i met this lady in a WhatsApp group and she was selling hair. We got intouch and i would sale her hair putting markup. So busines between us really went well for the first month until the lady after seeing my ambition lined me up with a few suppliers.I grew from there. So what i would say motivated me into doing this busines was the ambition and passion i had for hair alongside the lady who pushed me to the next step.I’m forever grateful to her.

What’s so different about Shecs hair that women rave about?
The thing that differentiates me from other hair suppliers is that i make my own hair therefore I dont have to purchase already made wigs.
Our hair is quite reasonably priced and range from prices as low as $US15-200 depending on the hair type.

Our wigs quality is guaranteed, we always make sure we provide the best quality. Our clientele services is quite good as we have after sales service. We also have discounted prices for clients who buy wigs for resale. Last but not least we try to bring smiles on every customer that comes through.

Why do customers choose you?
The golden rule for every busines person is to put yourself in your customers’ place.An old saying reads ‘ a customer is a king’. We always make sure our customers feel very important and satisfied with our products and service.As well as feel great about themselves.

What’s your vision for the future
Well my vision is to take shecs hair to another level. To be able to provide everything that deals with hair and be the best hair shop in Zimbabwe. My vision is to be able to cater for every woman in the country from young ages to older ages. I want to grow a brand that supplies all hair products in the country and also expand to other countries.

Is it true that upbringing affects one’s future especially in business? What’s your story?

Growing up I’ve always been a person who had so much interest in hair. I remember i had too many dolls and i would wake up first thing in the morning to plait them. I would really say venturing into this busines was a dream come true.

How have you dealt with competition?
Well in the hair industry i wouldn’t say there is cutthroat competition but well yes competition is there. Most challenges i face are of people that copy my business ideas like for instance i have a new trending wig , they try to search where i get it from , who’s my supplier, and once they get to know they buy the same hair and sale it at a lower price so as to beat my market.However;for us business is about relationships . Our clients are our brand ambassadors and because we insist on quality products,our services go a long way.

What did you study in school and is it relevant in your business?
Yes i do have a degree in accounting and a Hexco national certificate in marketing.
Well i would say i am using these on my day to day business.

We have readers out there who would love to venture in this business. Any tips?
If you want to become a supplier of human hair and wigs there are several things you should consider before launching your business, Research your products, Pick a good market venue, Start with low prices so as to attract customers, Promote your business, Offer discounts to repeat customers, and Provide quality and reliable hair.

Salome,thank you for taking your time.Any last words to our readers?
I’m an avid reader of your Column Sympathy and thank you for having me. Well,I’d like all readers to either physically visit our shop. We are located at CORNER KWAME AND PARK STREET NEXT TO NYARADZO PARK MALL SHOP 21 or catch us on our social media platforms. We deliver anywhere in the world. Thank you Sympathy.


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