By Sympathy Sibanda

Every creativity in me came from my father, who used to design different cloth lines some of which I would help him make and then model in at school, while I was only 14. This cemented what I always felt, that I was meant for more than a normal career path.”

 This is what bubble Philma Vinga, a businesswoman and humanitarian reminisces as her moment of realisation that her journey towards achieving her dreams would have to take a path of creativity.

She recently launched her fragrance line called Philma Fragrances which has been received well on the market. Asked why she chose the perfume business she said that it came from her obsession with smelling good leading her to take up online courses.

“I have always loved good scents and I researched on how to make my own oil based perfumes and scented candles which led me to start my own business in this industry. I started small in Karoi where I stay and now we have distributors un Chegutu, Kadoma, Bulawayo and a shop in Harare,” she explained.

The entrepreneur said her mother always pushed her to attain credible educational qualifications which saw her graduating with a degree in History and development studies, landing her a humanitarian job she loves.

“I am both a humanitarian and entrepreneur, this requires me to rely mostly on my network marketing, something I learnt from 2014 to 2019 while being part of many network marketing programmes. My dream is to run a brand that can emulate the likes of Avon, Avroy shlain and Oceane perfumes among many other reputable brands,” Vinga said.

Losing her father in 2020 led Philma to reminisce of her clothing and designing days, a time that fuelled the passion to be creative.

“I feel I can wear a few more hats to what I already wear. I have been leaning towards designing and clothing while also working on my debut book. I see Philma fragrances making waves throughout Africa and empowering others to do even more”

Asked on her promotions for Valentine’s day she said, “We have gift sets promotions running throughout the month of Love-February. How else can one express love than through invoking the sense of smell. Our gift sets will introduce our new product- roll on as well as different sized fragrances and scented candles.”

Philma Vinga’s dream to be in the creative space seems to be taking shape with her fragrance business being the starting point for even bigger feats.


  1. I love how she hustles
    How she keeps it 100%

    The fragranceprenuer of the 21st century.

    Essence is her game.

  2. You go girl!!! Proudly Zim

  3. i love how the fragrances smell.. great job there Philmar..

  4. Great fragrance.. love your hustle.. great scent

  5. Well done Phil… if you can dream it you can surely have it.Keep on keeping own!

  6. Oh My!! Well done baby girl xoxooo

  7. Congratulations Philma. You inspire us girl. The sky is the limit

  8. Wow we value your creativity Philma. You are an inspiration. Can’t wait to try Philma fragrances 👌🏻

  9. Congrats mamo, happy for u dear..

  10. Just in love with it all

  11. So proud of you my sister, keep on doing the good work. I over the smell ,”

  12. Girl of determination…well done dear..May God surely bless your hustle..only e sky is e limit😍😍

    1. Philma you are an inspiration to young woman. I know you as a go-getter. Keep shining my gal.

  13. Wow I’m inspired…congrats mami…yeah the sky is limit!thumbs up love 💘 fragrances

    1. Well done mammi cnt wait to smell the fragrance ,☺️💥

  14. Congratulations Philma

  15. Wel done my sis..Ndezvemhuri

  16. Yes mami I’m super proud of you we should definitely drink to this amazing success..

  17. Her fragrances are really as good as they say…. she is yo go to girl wen u wanna smell good

  18. I support you all the way hannay

  19. Wow, am so proud of you girl❤️, you were born to do this, you go girl, fly hie

  20. wooow that’s my str there really proud of you girl.a journey of a thousand miles in the right direction begins with one step there you goooo

  21. You go gal make us proud …….

  22. Nhasi ndezveduwo, ita makorokoto korokoto kwatiri. Wedu adadisa!!!

  23. Nhasi ndezveduwo ita makorokoto korokoto kwatiri, wedu adadisa!!!!

  24. Congratulations Philma my daughter ❤

  25. Congratulations mami. I’m proud of you. May the Lord bless your hustle. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  26. Congratulations my dear, May the works of your hands be blessed

  27. Congratulations Philma, keep flying with the eagles

  28. Congratulations sis;dad would have been proud.

  29. This is amazing Philmar, so proud of you. May this be the beginning of greater innovations. 💝💝

  30. You go girl sky is the limit!

  31. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 The scents are 👌7

  32. Well done Philmar, you have done so well and keep it up. The sky is the limit. Your fragrances are so good I can attest to it 👏🏽👏🏽

  33. Good going Philmar.Weldone

  34. Super proud of you honey, keep your creative juices flowing 💃🏿

  35. That’s a boss lady right there. Always prepared to hook you up with original and legit scents. Kepp up the amazing work sis! xx

  36. Well done Philmar the sky is the limit

  37. Well done sis…..u are an inspiration to me!

  38. Well done sis…..u are an inspiration to me! Keep shining like a diamond that yu are.

  39. So overwhelmed by the response y’all… Thank you

  40. Well done Philmar. The sky is the limit!

  41. Ndokuti mbingress . Welldone Philma

  42. Congrats Philma,you are definitely going places.

  43. At first I didn’t believe in your idea but still had to support. Now I get to choose from your range and feel so confident among colleagues as I smell so important.
    Great fragrances sweetheart.

    1. My biggest support system, thank you for always cheering me on to push myself beyond just dreaming

  44. Well done can’t wait to themout

  45. Congratulations Philma😘

  46. Well done Philma!
    This is inspiring

  47. Congratulations Philma.This is beautiful and i can confidently testify that your fragrances are great.May God continue to lead you to much greater heights.All the best and keep on pressing

  48. This is amazing hun, I looove your products. Keep up the amazing work. I am proud of you.

  49. Proud of you Phil❤️

  50. Congrats dear. Way to go!!

  51. Thats the way to go my love .

  52. You go girl.Im happy for you

  53. Well done honey

  54. go girl

    1. I’m happy for you gal, this is AMaiZing. We thank God for this breakthrough. May he continue blessing you to higher levels

  55. This is inspirational. Congratulations and more blessings to you boss lady.

  56. Congrats dear, keep on keeping on

  57. 😊💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾well done queen. The sky is never the limit 😊Aluta continua, victory is certain…love and light to you, I wish you the best life has to give.

  58. Congratulations 🎊 👏🏽
    Your business keep seeking higher and higher
    May the lord blessing your business

  59. When you get a chance to use one of Phil’s fragrance trust me you’ll just find yourself ordering for more, keep the 🔥 burning

  60. Top stuff Philma! Big respect

  61. Well done Philma. May the loving God keep on blessing your business.

  62. Thank you for the February promo. I love how it comes already prepackaged…..and the fragrances are made with love

  63. Well done Philma,you are such an inspiration!!

  64. When you sent the sketches for the brand remember how we celebrated becoz we knew you would take the market by storm. No turning back bigger things await you phil

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