EXCLUSIVE: Sara Baartman by Sandra Ndebele!

EXCLUSIVE: Sara Baartman by Sandra Ndebele!

Zimbabwe’s musician and dancing sensation Sandra Ndebele team up once again with South Africa’s artist Professor on a musical video ‘Sara Baartman’.

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My Afrika Magazine journalist, Charmaine Brown (CB) had an exclusive chat with Sandra Ndebele (SN) pertaining her new music video ‘Sara Baartman’ as well as her music career.

In transitory, Sara Baartman music video is a call for young women to stand up to exploitation and speak out against the practice. Sara Baartman was a South African woman who was taken to Europe and she experienced exploitation hence died in 1815. Baartman’s skeleton and sexual organs remained on display in a Paris Museum until 1974.

With a beautiful sound and culturally rich visual presented music video, we find out more what this new collaboration.

Sandra Ndebele and Professor team up once again in Sara Baartman, a hit that speaks out against the exploitation young women and rallies them to stand up to such.

CB: What was the motive behind the track’s title ‘Sara Baartman’?

SNIt’s a song that celebrates African women and speaks out against all forms of exploitation and abuse. Sara Baartman was one of the first black women known to be subjugated to human sexual trafficking and exploitation because of her body and figure and so the song speaks out against that and urges young women not to allow this to happen to them. 

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CB: How has been the production process of the song and were there any things that didn’t work out?

124835072_3527329437314924_2803988088133640423_n-e1642739336750-1024x768 EXCLUSIVE: Sara Baartman by Sandra Ndebele!

SN: We recorded it and shot the video in South Africa. The whole process was a great experience. Working with Professor is always a vibe. He is an artist through and through, who never runs out of ideas. His work ethic is admirable, and I love how he is not afraid to try out new things. He taught me that as creatives we need to keep on creating works as this is our most valuable currency. So, this year I am putting that advice into practice with a goal to release new music each month.

CB: What makes your music unique from that of others?

SN: I don’t know about unique but every piece of music I release it has a portion of me in it and speaks to me. I want to be as genuine and as personal as possible in all the art I put out and this is what distinguishes me from everyone else. 

68331297_2424346790946533_4284522154579460096_n-683x1024 EXCLUSIVE: Sara Baartman by Sandra Ndebele!

CB: What do you feel is the best song you have released and why?

SN: I put 100% effort in everything I do. So, all the music I release is very dear to me. They are all my babies and each in its own time is my best. 

CB:  How do you manage to cope up with competition in the music industry?

SN: I don’t really think about competition, and I also don’t compete with anyone. I always feel that once you find who you are and create your lane then just stick with it and re-invent yourself where necessary. Once you find your true voice, the audiences will find you. 

CB: Any message to share with your fans as well as those who wish to join the music industry.

SN: Yes, look out for more music, videos and performances this year. Like and subscribe to my socials and visit my website www.sandrandebele.com for updates on what’s happening. As for upcoming musicians, put as much work as you can until you find your voice. We always improve by doing.

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Charmaine Brown

Charmaine Brown is 27 years old, media personnel. She studied Media and Society Studies (2017-2020) at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Charmaine had an internship at The Herald and presently is the Editor for My Afrika Magazine. She currently lives in Harare.

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