EXCLUSIVE: Farmer, Taking Bold Moves Across Africa

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer, Taking Bold Moves Across Africa

Young Zimbabwean farmer makes waves at Pan African Summit

Tapuwanashe Allin Manyange is a young farmer and currently attending the PAN AFRICAN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT in Tanzania. There is representation from 29 countries and over 100 women.

The high profile event is being attended by dignitaries like Hon. Stella Ndabeni Abrahams, the Minister of Small Business Development in the cabinet of President Cyril Ramaphosa as well as Hon. Mudrick Ramadhan Soraga, Minister of State President’s Office Responsible for Economy and Investment at Ministry of Economy and Investment.

This year’s summit is themed “Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of African Women

The Zimbabwean representative will be one of the PANELISTS on the TOPIC – “Is Africa ready to feed herself” and she will receive a Women in Agriculture and Food Security Award where the guest of honour will be his excellency Hussein Mwinyi, the Zanzibar President.

Our Columnist held an exclusive interview to understand more about this summit and the phenomenal work Tapuwa is doing.

SM: Hello Tapuwa. Welcome to My Afrika magazine.
TM: It’s a pleasure being here on the famous magazine on an international women’s day like this. Thank you for having me, Sympathy.

SM: You are a farmer who is making waves on the continent. Was this your dream growing up?
TM: It wasnt my dream but I happy of where I am.

SM: Tell us more about Tapuwa and what you stand for?
TM: I’m a 25 year old farmer former model award winning and founder of Tapuwanashe around Foundation Trust. I have a strong desire for positive change and I want to play a role in ensuring food security in Africa.

SM: As we commemorate International women’s day with the theme #Breakthebias do you think African women have made strides in Agriculture?
TM: Yes Sympathy,strides havebeen made. However,there is a huge gap with regards to women in agriculture. In some countries women cannot even legally own land therefore they can’t legally farm and this coupled with limited access to land is slowing us down as African women.

SM: How did you get to represent the continent at the event in Tanzania?
TM: I’m representing Zimbabwe at this event in Tanzania. I was chosen as a result of the work I’m doing in Agriculture and I’m also one of the youngest farmers in the country. Its an honour to represent the nation and learn new trends of conducting ourselves in Agriculture.

SM: What strategic networks are you hoping to forge as you do your presentation today?
TM: We are here to put our problems on the table as African women and find sustainable solutions and in the end we want to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem of African women. I hope to enlarge my network nit just for me but for Zimbabwe as a whole.

SM: Whats your word of advise for that African woman who wants to achieve strides in farming as you have?
TM: Dear African woman who wants to excel in farming please start now with what you have. It doesn’t matter how small or huge your land is . Like I highlighted before there is unfair distribution of land in Africa which is a barrier yes;but you need to start now. We need to build a foundation which we can grow from. The more we delay and wait for conducive conditions,the more we stay at the bottom rung of the ladder. African woman its your time to shine.

SM: Thank you for sharing your precious time to talk to us.All the best on your presentation and congratulations on yet another award.
TM: My pleasure and thank you.

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