EXCLUSIVE: A journey worth telling; from accounting to crocheting.

EXCLUSIVE: A journey worth telling; from accounting to crocheting.

My Afrika Magazine reporter, Sympathy Sibanda (SS) loves unearthing hidden gems in our continent and today we publish her interview with Kudakwashe Mbiriri (KM) a qualified accountant, mother and wife who is pursuing her crocheting interests.

SS: Welcome, please introduce yourself.

KM: It’s a pleasure being here. I love crafts and am a mother, wife, and accountant by profession.

SS: When did your passion start?

KM: I’ve always loved doing crafts since childhood. I started sewing when I was 9 and loved it. Since then every piece of cloth I would find ,I’d make something out of it. I remember when I was preparing for my wedding, I made petals out of satin cloth (my brother thought I was being cheap) but because crafting is my calling (I believe) I didn’t mind at all.

7-1007x1024 EXCLUSIVE: A journey worth telling; from accounting to crocheting.

SS: That’s interesting…

KM: Oh yes, it is. In 2019 my friend then introduced me to macrame. Oh, I fell in love with it and started making handbags, mats, wall hangings, table runners.

SS: Have you always been confident of your creativity?

KM: Never. I was so afraid. In fact, my mum always supported my hustle and believed in me, I remember she bought my first two handbags but by then, I didn’t have confidence in my art. I was afraid of criticism. Of course, my mum would have to support me but what about everyone else? Was I good enough?

SS: Did that fear cripple your progress?

KM: That fear of the unknown kept me from advertising. I only showed close relatives. That fear led to me temporarily giving up. My self-esteem was to blame.

SS: How did you get back into the game?

KM: In 2020 after I had my son, I woke up one day to tones of crocheting pictures from my cousin. If you told me then that I would make a career out of it, I would laugh at you. She encouraged me to just give it a try.

2-2-670x1024 EXCLUSIVE: A journey worth telling; from accounting to crocheting.

SS: So, you plunged in?

KM: Well, my friend also coincidentally sent me crocheting photos and I took it as a sign. As a new Mum, bored at home, stress was starting to kick in, so I just decided to give it a try.

My friend gave me a plastic bag full of yarn to practice with.

SS: What was your first project?

KM: My first project was a baby blanket. I fell in love with its colour combination and the way it felt cuddly. It took me two weeks to complete (something I now complete in a day or 2).

 SS: How important has been your family support on your journey?

KM: My family has been awesome. From placing orders to advertising, modelling and emotional support. I thank them. 

SS: What has been the advantage to you compared to being an accountant?

KM: I love crocheting, I’ve never been happier. I’m an Accountant by profession, I hold a first-class degree, yes, I’m grateful to my parents for that, but crocheting is my passion… crafting is my first love.

I get to spend time with my Assistant (my son), they grow up so fast and I’m thankful that I get to experience life with him doing what I love at the same time, my husband is supportive, he’s my manager (self-proclaimed). I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SS: What’s your dream?

KM: My dream is for CRAFTOmaniacs to grow into a brand that offers tailor-made clothes, and company shipping worldwide. I have faith that it will grow, I believe it will.

I want to sit back and say God did it for me.

SS: Are you ever misunderstood?

KM: Oh yes! Some people don’t understand why I do this, why I’m wasting my accounting degree they say, if only they would take time to ask me why maybe they would, someone told me recently that  “People don’t need to understand your journey.”

This is me writing my history. So, I guess it’s high time I reintroduce myself, my name is Kudakwashe Mbiriri, and I am a Crocheter.

SS: And on that note, I take a bow. Salute to you Kudakwashe

Sympathy Sibanda

I love life, am a creative, a published author and a serial entrepreneur. Award winning Co-founder at Amandla Brands.

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