Shamwari/Umngane, multilingual movie, launches soon

Shamwari/Umngane, multilingual movie, launches soon

PRESS RELEASE: Shamwari /Umngane a film written and produced by Obi Misi is a story about two childhood friends Tonde and Roy who spend almost their entire lives together. One of them kept a grave secret which only exploded years later when the two are working in a foreign country.

The Movie was shot in Capetown, South and it plays in 9 languages, which includes Shona, Ndebele and Ndau, Xhosa, Zulu, Chichewa, Venda, English and Afrikaans and is dominated with African languages with English translations. 


Our casting was not limited as we had many debutant Actors and Actresses from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi.

Shamwari/Umngane was Directed by Obi Misi and Bright Tawanda Jiri and it boasts some seasoned TV faces like Talent Nyeruke who has played many roles on South African productions like Generations, Scandal, The River etc, Theresa Yvadne Nhomboka who plays the lead Actress on the series The Avenues, Preveledge Gondo who played on Sarura Wako. 

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On the debutantes we had Tafadzwa Majimuse who bagged the leading role of Mwadhana, a former beauty peargent to stand in between Tonde and Roy. 

A host of South African debutantes included Tamara Xeleko who played as Akhona a xenophobic minded Xhosa lady, Rendani Mbedzi from Limpopo a Venda woman who is Roy’s old flame and the Lorenzo Van Der Walt who played as the Property Guru in Afrikaans. 

The story in which we see how friends can be helpful and conniving at the same time will teach a lot of people about trust and the importance of being honest as the saying goes “anything which happens in the darkness will be revealed in the light” 

The release dates for the Movie will be advised as The Producers are seeking sponsorship from the corporate world to launch the Movie. 

The producers and the crew struggled financially to see through the production of this Movie as it was produced on a low budget of US$5000.00 and the Producer is seeking for sponsorship or partnership to launch the Movie. 

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