Billion dollar campaign comes to Harare

The premium venue for theatre in Harare, Theatre In The Park, will be hosting a sizzling theatrical showpiece coming all the way from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city. The play is scheduled to run from the 20th to the 24th of June 2023.

Titled ‘Billion Dollar Campaign’, the piece was written and directed by Thulani Mbambo and features a ‘billion dollar’ cast of Precious Ndhlovu, Leonard Phiri, Gift Chakuvinga, Isheanusu Kasibondi, Nomvuyiso Mabi and Emory Nare.

The storyline, according to the teaser gleaned by My Afrika Magazine, fits quite well with the times in Zimbabwe with focus on socio-political relevance. It’s packed with all the ingredients of a social satirical thriller and promises to have audiences shifting in their seats throughout the night.

The storyline borders around the character of an aspiring MP, Sinyoro, who receives large amounts of money from investors in his locality during campaign season. In return, the excited politician promises the investors that he would do “anything they ask for” should he get into power. He wins and gets the power, and it’s now payback time. But what the investors want him to do conflicts with what the people who voted him expect from him. He realises- albeit too late, that he has sold his soul to the devil for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. Will the MP go ahead and betray his people and dance to the flute of the investors? Will he stand with the people and face the wrath of the greedy investment ‘mafia’ which is hellbent on spilling the beans – and even a little blood, just to fix him? It’s the people versus his skeletons.

Tickets for the three-day show run are pegged at $5. Bookings are already underway at the Harare Gardens based theatre.

The live entertainment venue, which is under the proprietorship of Rooftop Promotions, has promised Hararians a creamy lineup of events this winter.

Another future attraction to look out for at the theatre is Rutendo Jackie and the AfroBlue Band, whose seranades will bring down the curtain to the month of June in a concert scheduled for the 30th. Tickets again are selling for $5 in advance.

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