All set for the World Music Day Festival (Harare)

All set for the World Music Day Festival (Harare)

The World Music Day, which is celebrated yearly on the 21st of June, will be hosted earlier in Zimbabwe by the Alliance Françoise (Harare) hub of cultural diversity today, Saturday the 17th of June.

Part of those headlining the event include the legendary Jazz artist, Jeys Marabini who was the main act at the Jazz and Soul Music Festival in Zimbabwe held last month in Harare.

maxresdefault-1024x576 All set for the World Music Day Festival (Harare)

Jeys said he was excited to take part in the event as it is also an opportunity for him to continue connecting with his fans and other musicians in the country.

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The legendary award-winning artist, Jeys Marabini has been making waves in the world of music. With some of his international fans calling him to host events international.

In Bulawayo the event will be held at the Alliance Françoise on the 23rd of June.

While the opening act in Harare will be done by Thulani Zwana who will be bringing classical opera will be followed by Heavenly Praises Chorus other artists who are going to headline the event are DJ King Her, Josh Meck and many more.

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