On the 16th of September, Big Brother Naija, housemate, Emmanuel Umoh also known as Emirates.

Is expected to pass on the torch of being the Next Mister Africa International, during the 9th ceremony, which is set to be hosted on the 16th of September. 

Where more than 20 models from across the Africa region will be contesting for the title.

The countries represented are Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Congo, Angola, Rwanda and Botswana.

Emmanuel had won the title in 2019 and in 2020, he was expected to hand over the title.

However due to the Covid-19 pandemic the event was postponed. 

This made Emmanuel Umoh to become the longest holder, reigning Mister Africa International. During his tenure he won, prizes worth 15 000usd including: allowance, air travel and gifts, which include a Lexus 350 SUV.

The Big Brother Nigeria reality celebrity has also managed to travel to Liberia, Ivory Coast, Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya and UAE. He cat walked in international fashion shows, one of them include the Seychelles Fashion Week.

Emmanuel Umoh has raised millions of nairas for his charity work IME foundation. 

His scholarship mainly provided to children who are facing disabilities and are in need of scholarship.

Above all Emmanuel is among the favourites of many, at this years’Big Brother Nigeria Season 6. King Emmanuel won’t be able to hand over the crown to the newly King as he is in closed doors at the reality show Big Brother Nigeria.

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