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‘Ekeskuzu Me’ hit maker,Adrian Tate  released a new single,’Batirira’ which is trending on radio and television stations.

My Afrika Magazine caught up with Adrian Tate, who shared with us details of the inspiration of the single ,’ Batirira‘.

During the interview, My Afrika Magazine got an opportunity to meet the crew members behind the production of Adrian Tate’s brand.

Adrian shared with us one of his secret to success which is having a strong and a healthy relationship with the production team behind his brand.

Find out more secrets that have made him to be successful in his music career.

MA: Adrian Tate thank you for giving us an opportunity to interact with you . How has 2020 been to you as a brand?

AT: Thank you for this platform.

2020 hit me hard as a brand, but there was some good out of it too.

 Things were on a roll and then suddenly nothing. We had to stand still and wait until somebody, somewhere gave us the permission to move again. I spent more time in my studio composing and producing songs that were on the “to do” list for a long time, the extra time at home was well utilised.

116135310_3338532259595755_7798156148162932955_n ADRIAN TATE REVEALS THE SECRETS  BEHIND HIS SUCCESS

MA: As the nation we faced a big storm global,which is Covid 19 pandemic how has it affected your brand when it comes to diary planning and any solutions you came up with to survive?

AT: All diarised events had to be cancelled which was disheartening to say the least.

Now we are quite apprehensive about any future planning and activities. We say a prayer of faith over our bookings and events that they come to fruition.

MA: You recently released a track, ‘Batirira‘ ,can you give us a summary of the inspiration of the song?


AT: I have been a big fan of ‘RnB’ greats,such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Barry White & more recently Chris Brown, Trey Songz , Usher etc.

 The ability to move an audience in any way including with song, even creating a lovemaking atmosphere is the testing of true musicality.

MA: One of the people you worked with in the track was award winning Choreographer why was it important to work with him ?

AT: Malo Wizzy is more than just a choreographer. He is very much on his way to becoming  a great stage director. He is excellent at laying the bases and aligning all participants to the conceptual vision. He in essence “choreographs” the set.

MA: When I listened to the track, I wondered who played the role of who in making sure that this track becomes a success?

AT: I am blessed with a team that I thank God everyday for. Management team Donald Zaburoni and Nokuthula Chari. Tetnas Management my brand strategists. Director Dave, my gifted younger brother and our model/actress Chenai.

MA: Why is important for a brand such as yours to have a great production team such as yours?


AT: I am a musician, making music is in my DNA, but I still need some critiquing, encouraging and counsel. I am not a fantastic administrator, I cannot dedicate enough time to marketing as needed and I am not at the stage that I can fully direct videos. This is where my team comes in, my major support system in every way where I need it.

MA: Any regional tours/collabos are you planning to take part in 2021?

AT: I am looking at doing some local shows first. Home first always the order of things and then we branch out.

MA: Adrian thanks for your time….

AT: Thank you for inviting me to a platform where I can share my story.

Watch more of his music on: click me (Adrian Tate Music)

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