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By Rubaya Tapiwanashe

“We don’t recruit models in our team just because of their pictures alone but we look at their unique traits,potential attributes & any previous experience or promising”…C.F.M Management

PHOTO-2020-07-15-00-14-46-683x1024 A BRAND NEW HOME FOR MODELS

Taking a picture and posting it on social media,resulting in having many followers.

That only doesn’t qualify one,to be a model.

Brushing up the coal dust into a clean diamond through training,mentoring and educating aspiring individuals about modelling is a few of the main aims of the new modelling agency in the country.


Which has been founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The agency seeks to manage & mentor   models into the industry, particularly in the commerical,runway and print (& some paegentry)modeling sector. It may be new but

already, it has signed some of the most popular names in the country.

These include:

Shadel Noble – ( Mr Zimbabwe 18 & Mr Bulawayo)

Ashley Guwu – ( Miss Crystal Angel International & several Peagants’ Queen)

Ruby Tayte – ( International High Fashion & Runway model)

Xaviero Twins ( Mr Twins Zimbabwe 19)

Just to name a few!

The agency’s name is ‘City’s Favourite Models’ mainly deriving from Bulawayo & born from the recently popular C.F.M.M.M.S.T which stands for City’s Favourite Models, Mentors, Management, & Scouting Team which is a whole movement  aiming to break the fashion & talent industry by “elevating stars into superstars” ! .

PHOTO-2020-07-15-00-14-52-576x1024 A BRAND NEW HOME FOR MODELS

On another scale the agency which will be the mother agency and home, to all the models & talent they sign,it sees to protect models & talent from being taken advantage of by the  fashion & entertainment world such as designers, photographers, brands and industry related clients that wish to work with the models .

Currently only Zimbabwean models are registered under the banner but in the near future,the agency hopes to have international models in their team.

To register as a member of the agency one can email their portfolio and modelling experience or (if seeking grooming to be a model) send your desires and details to: @cfmmmstbyo@gmail.com or send a direct message to them on their instagram @cfmmmst.For some,if you are lucky, you just may get scouted by one of their team members & become one of their amazing professional models that way! .

Rubaya Tapiwanashe  is an award winning journalist,who has 6 year of experience in reporting and writing articles,as a professional journalist. Currently he is writing East and Southern African countries current affairs and African showbiz articles. Under 263Africatv media.Some of his work has featured in other publications in the African Region.Culxure mag,Fame (Mag),Kantuthu  mag,Insider Mag, Bantu mag (Eswatini)Aftv Mag (SA),Nigeria etc . In addition he has,been awarded for his work under Showbiz during the Zimbabwe Models Awards in 2017&2018.  Also won the African Icon Global Youth Ambassador Of the Year 2018 during,the African Icon Awards in Nigeria.

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