Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU PF announced on the 11th of March the guidelines of the party’s primary elections, which are set to be held on the 18th of March across the country.  

The primary elections are meant to select, senators, National Assembly, local authority, Women and Youth Quarters. 

The candidate will represent their political party in the upcoming 2023 general Elections which are to be held later this year.          

  “The Primary elections are being held after cell verification exercises to cover Senate, National Assembly, Local Authority, Women and Youth quarters. Members  in the recent cell structures will form the electoral college,” said Mike Bimha (source ZBC News). 

  On the 13th of March, Zanu Pf’s Provincial Electoral Directorate meet to consider the CVs.                

 According to ZANU PF’s National Political Commissar, the Provincial Electoral Directorate do not have the mandate of the National command.    

  The rules and regulations were forwarded in the ruling party’s website.      

 In the National Assembly candidates should have served a minimum of five years.    

 While for the women and youth’s quarter candidates will be at the level of district executive.   

 Regarding senatorial selection, Dr Bimha said each province should come up with six candidates for Senate on a Zebra system.   

 Prominent names of politicians such as Minister Mthuli Ncube, Deputy Minister Modi, Dr Qhubani Moyo, Tafadzwa Mugwadzi are among those who are taking part in the Zanu Pf’s primary Elections as candidates.

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