Zimdancehall “Chairman” Drops a New Album

Killer T, a prominent artist in the Zimdancehall genre, has recently released his new album titled “Tirivemuma Streets“.

The album launch was held yesterday and featured other talented artists including Freeman, Enzo Ishal, and Ex Q among others. With this latest release, Killer T continues to prove his excellence, delivering a collection of tracks that tackle real social issues such as love, success, business, and education.

One standout track from the album is “Money”, for which he has also released a music video. However, some fans have raised concerns about his delivery and the production quality of the video. Despite these criticisms, Killer T remains resolute and unbothered.

Overall, Killer T’s “Tirivemuma Streets” album represents another impressive addition to his already impressive discography, and demonstrates his continued growth as an artist.

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