DEVELOPING STORY: 3 Men Have Been Arrested in Connection with AKA’s Murder

Police have arrested at least three men in connection to the murder of the rapper Kiernan Forbes, known as AKA. The suspects were monitored over the course of the week, and were arrested in Cape Town before being taken into police custody. They are expected to be charged after being brought to Durban for questioning.

Western Cape police spokesperson Colonel André Traut deferred comment to the KwaZulu-Natal police, stating that it is a KZN case and that any information will be sent to them. Netshiunda, KZN police spokesperson, also declined to confirm the arrest, stating that there has been no update to the AKA case. The rapper was shot and killed on Florida Road in Durban in February while standing outside the Wish restaurant.

The assailant walked up to him and shot him in the head, causing him to die instantly. The incident was captured on video and widely shared.

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