Zimbabwe International Film Festival Roars into life from the 14th to the 17th of September

The 2022 edition of Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) is set to commence on the 14th of September and lower its curtains with a closing award ceremony on the 17th of September. This year’s theme is titled, #Reconnecting. ZIFF is under Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust and their partners; Telco Broadband and Beyond, DSTV Zimbabwe, Play Afrika TV, MMX among others.

The festival is also packed with other activities which include trade day, career day and industry development film forum. A short film Smartphone competition and a short film contest are also open to Zimbabwean youths both in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora.

The festival has already announced that a film titled “Transactions” by Rumbi Katedza will be the first to premier on the night of the 14th. “Transactions” is a film about Zimbabwean migration told through a family divided across three countries. This is a very timely and relatable film given the mass exodus and family separation the country has experienced with many of our citizens moving outside of the country in search of greener pastures.

Regular updates on the festival are being posted on their social media handles and their official website.

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