Zimbabwe film sector in desperate need of funding

Zimbabwe film sector in desperate need of funding

With my observation, lack of funding, investors and cash injection from the government has made it difficult for artists to earn a living from their works hence it has slowly paralyzed our sector…”

My Afrika Magazine journalist Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), caught up with multi-talented international-Zimbabwean based actor, Fredrick Ncube whose talent has been witnessed across the country and beyond the borders of Zimbabwe.

Ncube shares some of the great moments he had with multi-award-winning players in the field of film.

TR: Take us to your first steps that you took in the film industry?
“When the time is right, l the Lord your God will make it happen.”
God called me, and l did not hesitate to answer the calling.
It all began on Facebook, l saw an audition call and deep down l knew l had to answer the call.In the year 2020 in the month of April l did an audition for Chilli’s series to my surprise the director loved my audition and that marked the beginning of my brand.
Next, l received a role on a Skyz Metro radio drama series as ‘Sintu’.
This helped me strengthen my voice and enhanced my growth.
Radio was a totally different world on its own, with that experience and growth l had acquired over the years l got a casting in a series called ‘Soulmate’ which is being aired on Dstv channel 294 ZTN prime as the character ‘Stilo’, God continued to open doors for me in productions as he decided to level me up to another dimension.
l saw myself managing a production. I was the production manager of the award-winning series “Amanxeba” and bagged a role in it.
This made me grow and cemented my brand in the industry.
I took a break and embarked on a journey to self-discover as God led me to a different place.
I found myself in South Africa. I went for an audition for “Love is not an enough” and l nailed it, the director fell in love with my audition, and I was casted.
When l was still in South Africa l also got a chance to be a background artist on a Netflix movie called ‘Dirty Money’

TR: What is your take of Zimbabwe and Africa’s film industry?
Zimbabwe is full of rich, original, and beautiful stories. For time immemorial film makers like John Mabuyane, Raisedon Baya, Sydney Taivavashe, Shem Zemura, Nakai Tsuro just to mention a few have taken up space and played a pivotal role in the Zimbabwean film sector and told our stories the best way they could.
With my observation, lack of funding, investors and cash injection from the government has made it difficult for artists to earn a living from their works hence it has slowly paralyzed our sector.
Some African countries like South Africa, Nigerian, Zambia, Rwanda just to mention a few have managed to penetrate their productions at a global platform because of the support and grants they get from the government and Hollywood productions taking an interest in shooting in their countries. Africa is in the right track.

TR: What stood out for you, when you joined the Mzansi film sector?
It was an honour and a lifetime experience to be casted on “love is not enough”. It is the professionalism of The South Africa industry that stood out for me.
Everyone arrives on set on time and filming begins and ends on as scheduled on the call sheet , they also make sure everyone is well fed, transported and paid on time.

TR: Given a chance to conduct a film masterclass what topics would you choose to deliver to your counterparts in the film sector and why ?
(giggles) I would turn down the opportunity.
I am still a bun in the oven, I have so much to learn, and l am still learning.
Calling myself a master would be a grave miscalculation. (laughs).
However l would gladly be honored to share advice to aspiring actors at the end of a masterclass.

TR: How has the economy decline affected your career?
l couldn’t go further with my studies because of financial difficulties.
I would have loved to reach mountain peaks with my schooling that would have made it possible for me to secure my future and career in the arts industry by enrolling myself to one of the biggest Arts Schools in Africa “AFDA”.
Unfortunately, that dream died a premature death. As a child artist in Zimbabwe l was told by society that l was bound to be poor if l had to choose that path and honestly l am living their words.
Arts in Zimbabwe has failed some of us and our hope for the future of the sector remains uncertain.

TR: What does it mean working with award winners i n the film industry like John Mabuyane and Dumi, what have you learnt from them?
John Mabuyane KaLunga is my best friend however l am not going to be biased.
I will call a spade a spade. He is a visionary. He has stood firm and adamant, unshaken in accomplishing his vision.
He has been dragged through the mud, dust, and thorns, but he stood bold and fierce. He never gave up. He worked so hard to build his legacy.
He is a brand that will last forever in history. He is an award-winning film producer, actor, director, writer, if l was to mention his achievements and praises l would write a book.
Having witnessed God birth, groom and nurture such talent has been inspirational to me. He doesn’t leave a stone unturned in telling societal stories. He is a Goat and form him, l has learnt consistency, resilience, hardworking, God fearing and Going after what l believe in. Dumisani Manyathela is a glow of inspiration and reassurance. He has managed to outstand cinematographers and editors in his lifetime. He is humble and his ago getter. His humility allowed me to grow under his wings and l found my new path behind the scenes in the production world. A masterpiece of art. He has taught me the true definition of hard work.

FB_IMG_17056559365395217 Zimbabwe film sector in desperate need of funding

TR: You are currently working on the production Inkaba can you tell us more about it?
I cannot comment on Inkaba yet it’s beyond my jurisdiction and production policy. All l can say is that “the world is not ready”.

TR: Who inspires you?
To be honest l am inspired by hard working, genuine, talented and minds full of wisdom. l have a few names of the people who inspire me however l would mention two, “John Mabuyane kaLunga, because I have seen him grow in front of my eyes. A dynamite and he is the future. Dumisani manyathela he puts in the hard work in every production he works in. A Gladiator.

TR: Bollywood or Hollywood where would you like to venture and what would be the reason?
Honestly Hollywood is every artist’s dream. It’s a place where dreams come true hence being given a chance to visit Hollywood would be a great inspiration.

TR: Apart from acting you are a model, how are you fussing the two?
With discipline one learns how to manage their career in different fields.

TR: What is next for you?
Moves in the shadows, hence, wait for my reflection and works to speak for itself

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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