Zimbabwe-born education activist offered Honorary Doctorate

Zimbabwe-born education activist offered Honorary Doctorate

Award winning education activist, author and empowerment YouTuber Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu has been offered an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Bradford in England. It is reported she is one of the youngest people to receive such an honour.  

Zimbabwe-born Kativhu emigrated to the United Kingdom with her family. She has since graduated from both the University of Oxford and Harvard University. She is currently studying towards her PhD at Claremont Graduate University in California (USA).

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“A DREAM TEAM!  Vee Kativhu x Prince Harry, The Duke Of Sussex! together championing and celebrating youth advocacy! I’m so excited to share that I am co-hosting the 2023 Diana Awards with Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex! @DianaAward

She founded ‘Empowered by Vee’ to help make tertiary education more accessible to students of poorer backgrounds. Kativhu is the author of ‘Empowered: Live Your Life with Passion and Purpose’ in which she bravely shares her experiences while giving readers life advice.

Her efforts have been lauded with a Diana Award, inclusion on the prestigious 2023 BBC’s 100 Women List, and selection by the United Nations as a young representative for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The young activist shared the news on her social media handles where she could hardly hold back the tears and emotions. Despite facing significant challenges – losing her father young, navigating the struggles of immigration, and balancing work at McDonald’s with her studies – Kativhu persevered and emerged as a benefactor for others.

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