Zim Records Highest Wheat Harvest

Zim Records Highest Wheat Harvest

Zimbabwe recorded the highest wheat harvest ever since it started growing wheat back in 1966.

According to Agricultural and Rural Development Advisory Services weekly bulletin, the country has achieved a milestone in wheat production by harvesting 375 000 tonnes of cereal this year only.

Zimbabwe’s gross outcome lies between the private and the governmental farming institutions. Private farmers are expected to produce at least 40 percent of the total leaving the other 60 percent to the government and this year they both managed to reach the set target.

The weekly update also indicate that all provinces have completed harvesting. Additionally, it demonstrates that the total harvested area across the provinces is 78 063 ha, or 97 percent of the planted area with a cumulative production of 375 131 tonnes.

Agriculture and Rural Advisory Services chief director, Professor Obert Jiri said through hard work they managed to improve wheat production.

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“Yes, we managed to meet the target. This was through hard work, commitment and working together to produce wheat that is sufficient for the country. The effort is greatly appreciated, and we are positive that we can also do more than this in the next season,” he said.

Grain Milers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) national chairman Tafadzwa Musarara also said there had been a steady growth in wheat harvests and the country no longer needs to import the wheat.

“We have the biggest yield this year since wheat started. This year, Government has not only empowered the farmers, but the consumers as well in product supply and price stability. We used to import wheat worth US $300 million, we no longer do that and want to domesticate that. We also managed to secure the raw materials for the whole year,” said Musarara.

Wheat is the country’s second-most important crop after corn and in Zimbabwe wheat harvest runs from October to December.

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