ZANU PF Goes unopposed in opposition stronghold Byo

ZANU PF Goes unopposed in opposition stronghold Byo

For the first time in history of Zimbabwe’s politics Zanu PF has been declared unopposed in what is well known as the opposition strongholds in Bulawayo.

The announcement was handed down by the High Court judge, Justice Bongani Ndlovu who ruled in favor of the 12 voters who brought the case to the High Court.

The 12 claimed that the Triple C candidates filed their nomination papers after the 4 pm deadline which the Triple C and ZEC denied.

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This was disappointing news to the opposition supporters,whom some took their anger on social media platforms. However, as it is said another man’s meat is another man to Zanu Pf this is a resulding victory as they will focus in controlling the Bulawayo City Council chambers.

In an interview with some party supporters from Zanu PF in Bulawayo, who were conducting their door-to-door campaigns.

They showed signs of excitement and jubilation after hearing the news. They, however, said that is not a red light to prevent them to engage with the masses as the Zanu PF party has to continue to mobilise votes for their presidential candidate, Incumbent President Mnangagwa, and for councilors.

“Our job is not over yet, we have to educate people about the party and also to mobilize more votes for our party leader President Mnangagwa,” said one party member who identified himself as Brian Dube.

Meanwhile, some of the party members of the Triple C, who spoke to My Afrika mag said they still have questions which they are not getting answers from their leaders. They however said they will continue with the campaign.

In a press release to the media, the party’s spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere who is an aspiring MP for Mt Pleasant.

She said the triple C party will appeal the supreme court the judgment.

“The CCC will urgently file an appeal against today’s judgment as well as invoke all legal, political, and regional measures available under Zimbabwe’s Constitution as well as the SADC and African Union mechanisms to ensure that the ability of the citizens to choose their leaders as required by our supreme law is respected and duly safeguarded,” said Fadzayi Mahere.

She further,said the decision which was taken by the court was unconstitutional.

“Today’s decision to disqualify 12 CCC House of Assembly candidates in Bulawayo is unconstitutional. The decision militates against citizens’ right to vote for leaders of their choice. Section 117 of the Constitution unequivocally states that the legislative authority of Zimbabwe is derived from the people.

Mahere said the 12 CCC-disqualified candidates submitted their papers according to and within the law.

“It is a matter of public record that the 12 affected candidates were duly nominated to contest for the House of Assembly in Bulawayo. The said candidates filed their nomination papers well within the time limits stipulated by our Electoral Law.

“This fact was admitted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which is the constitutional and administrative body mandated to receive nomination papers within the ambit of the Constitution and the Electoral Act,” said Mahere.

Prominent politicians Ostallos Siziba, and Nicola Watsontheir fate to the House of Parliament might have been shuttered into pieces as some are to wait for another five years, while others will have been retired by then.

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While smiles and glowing are all over the supporters of Finance Minister Mthulisi Ncube and Deputy Minister of Industry Raji Modi who are representing ZANU PF as they are elected unopposed.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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