William Smith is spotted in another Southern African country

William Smith is spotted in another Southern African country

Legendary actor William Smith was spotted in Africa’s land of Diamonds, Botswana. This weekend and is visiting the Okavango Delta which is one of the World Heritage Sites.

He described Okavango as a vigil of circumstances on an enduring gem that stood the test of time.

Posting on his social media, he also joked that thinking or riding the elephants.

Botswana’s tourism is a growing Industry that makes a significant contribution to the country and Africa’s economy.


My first time in Botswana… WOW!! More to come. As long as @Jas Davis don’t keep overheating our cameras. ♬ original sound – Will Smith

Attractions that are unique in Botswana can be found in every corner of the land of Diamonds.

According to the Adventure Tourism Development Index, it indicated that Botswana is one of the top ten developing countries considered adventure tourism destinations due to its commitment to sustainable tourism development.

The Okavango Delta one of the seven natural wonders of Africa, is a large inland Delta.

The delta is such a beautiful sight and also a good place to see different types of animals.

Other tourist places to visit in Botswana are Chobe National Park, Tsodilo Hills, Central Kalahari Game Reserves

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