The Voice Kids (UK) Star Eyes ZIMBRITS Gong

The Voice Kids (UK) Star Eyes ZIMBRITS Gong

Tawana McGrath won the hearts of the world and especially in Africa when he debuted during the ITV’s The Voice kids Uk 2022, recently announced as a nominee at the ZimBrits awards,under the category, ‘Best New Commer’ in the industry, competing against other four candidates. 

Tawana is a rapper and a musician who is based in England with roots from Zimbabwe and the ZimBrits Awards are well known for recognising Zimbabweans and Britons who are linked with Zimbabwe. 

Tawana began his music career when he was at the age of 10, when he was performing songs as covers.

He then later had an opportunity at the age of 12 to perform infront of his schoolmates.

Tawana went through ITV’s The Voice Kids Uk 2022 contestants  under the guidance of at least 4 judges, ‘Will I am , Ronan, Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and Tawana was in Will I am’s team. All four judges were scrambling for him to be part of their  team and he had to choose, Will I am.

In an exclusive interview which will be broadcasted by PlayAfrikaTV, Tawana said he chose to be in Will I am’s team because he is also a rapper and they have a link when it comes to style.

He also added that he won’t forget the applauds that he received  from the spectators and the support that he got from people back home in Zimbabwe, during his debut of the show, ITV’s The Voice Kids Uk 2022. 

McGrath advised other young people of his age, not to give up in pursuing  their dreams. 

“Be yourself as far as some people want you to be someone, but if you be yourself and be comfortable and know what to do just be yourself, be consistence in anything that you do, keep practising,” advised Tawana. 

Tawana said he would like to perform along with artists who include: Holy Ten, Killer T and Bling 4.

To vote for him visit :https// . Then go to the Best New Comer In the Industry category

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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