The Finch brand to invade Cape Town

The Finch brand to invade Cape Town

Multi-talented artist Kwanele Finch Thusi’s brand, The Finch, has been creating a global buzz, particularly across Europe and Africa. Thusi, a reality TV personality, model, and multi-artist, has designed The Finch to be a unisex brand that empowers young models, actors, dancers, and artists to gain international exposure and recognition.

This May, The Finch will host its inaugural fashion show in Cape Town, South Africa, showcasing its highly anticipated LS Collection. In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine’s Tapiwanashe Rubaya, Thusi discusses the brand’s journey, upcoming events, and his vision for the future.

TR: Since you introduced your brand to the public. What has been the outcome?
KT: The outcome has been really overwhelming. We had entries from all over South Africa and most parts of Africa. I did not know that my brand is recognized all over the world especially in Africa. I was also surprised that I have so many followers who represent different nationalities.

TR: Any new products from the brand products?
KT: Yes, we are currently preparing to show the audience our LS Collection. What people saw when we posted were promotional items like the sportswear and the elite jacket. We can not show our collection as we move into shop in July.

TR: You are set to showcase your first fashion show, what does it mean to you and how will it benefit your brand?
KT: We are excited and never thought it would happen. We are very conscious about timing and therefore we want to showcase in the summer or end of winter and the reason is because we are hiring a lot of models and staff and we do not want to rush anything.

Screenshot_2024-04-29-21-55-46-1 The Finch brand to invade Cape Town

TR: Tell us more about the fashion show you are going to be headlining?
KT: We are being featured at the runway fashion show happening in Cape Town in association with Spice TV.

TR: Apart from this fashion show which other event are you eyeing to exhibit your product?
KT: We are partnering with many great talents to release our reality show. The top 10 chosen models will be featured in a reality show.

TR: Back to your brand. On social media you have made a call to those who would like to be brand ambassadors of the brand. How has the response been?
KT: The Face of Finch is someone who is an individual, hardworking and dedicated. Someone who has a strong heart and drive to be the best in the world. That is what I am looking for.

TR: Last word to those who will be attending the show?
KT: Hold onto your seats!

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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