Tawana headlined the PSA British Open Squash World Tour

They say all starts well ends well, however, to the award-winning artist, Tawana McGrath it’s another story. When the year 2022 ended, it ushered him more opportunities.

From contesting at Kidz UK has talent, to winning the Best Newcomer at the Zim Brits award, to headlining well recognised events such as the PSA British Open Squash World Tour in Birmingham last week.

The PSA British World Squash Champion tour was held at the Edgbaston Priory Club on the 9th of April till the16th of April. Tawana performed Infront of thousands who were at the Edgbaston Priory Club auditorium.

Since Tawanda his establishment in the music industry and his appearance at the Voice Kids UK finals, he has taken music industry by storm and has won the hearts of many. Not only in United Kingdom and in Zimbabwe but across the world.

As soon as he was introduced to the spectators by the Master of Ceremony at the British Open Squash World Tour in Birmingham to perform. The crowd cheered in support as they were eagerly waiting to hear his voice. The crowd was left with awe.

This made the organisers of the event, to make an advance invitation, to Tawana for him to perform in the next tournament of the PSA Squash British World Tour.

Last month, Tawana had a three-day meeting with multi award winning Swedish artist, Niclas Lundlin.

Niclas Lundlin is also well known for being a writer. In his 15 years as a multi-platinum awarded song writer, he has written songs for established artists in over 20 countries. He has over 150 songs under his name. Probably the two award winning artists will be working in a collabo.

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