Tabiri, transforming Africa with mathematics

Tabiri, transforming Africa with mathematics

STORY BY Valentine Zoza: Meet – Dr Angela Tabiri, remarkable Mathematician and PhD holder in Mathematics from the University of Glasgow. She was born and raised in Ghana.

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Ghana, a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and a Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences from the African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS).

In June 2019, she graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematics from the University of Glasgow. Dr Angela Tabiri is the Founder of Femafricmaths, an organization that aims at promoting female African mathematicians.

She is currently a Research Associate and Academic Manager (Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program) at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Accra, Ghana. She does research in quantum algebra and teach postgraduate courses in Mathematics for Machine Learning and Linear Algebra.

Dr Angela Tabiri is an inspiration to young women especially young girls in Africa who either want to or are pursuing courses that would eventually lead to careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“Dream beyond your surroundings. Believe in your dream and find mentors who believe in this dream. These mentors will nurture and support you. Then, take action to transform your dreams into reality,” said Dr Angela Tabiri.

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“We are a network of female African mathematicians transforming Africa with mathematics.

At Femafricmaths, we interview female African Mathematicians to highlight the different career options available when you study mathematics. Our videos are available on our YouTube, Faceboook and Instagram pages.

We also promote the study of mathematics in primary and secondary schools. This comes under the Y3p3maths project which involves volunteers teaching mathematics in person or online. The goal is to support students to study, understand and apply mathematics. Videos of lessons covered during Y3p3maths are available on the Femafricmaths Facebook and YouTube pages.

What course do you need to study in order to become an astronaut? Our mentoring for senior high school girls provides guidance to female students on subject to choose when they go to the university. Mathsqueens will be available online to share their career journey with the young girls to guide them in their choice of courses and careers.”

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