Social Entrepreur On The Rise: Michelle Zuzeyo

Social Entrepreur On The Rise: Michelle Zuzeyo

Our reporter Sympathy Sibanda caught up with social entrepreneur Michelle to discuss her work, aspirations and impact.

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SS: Who is Michelle? Take us through your journey growing up.

MZ: Born at Harare Hospital and raised in Harare. Raised by two phenomenal set of parents, my biological mother (late) who was a special needs teacher and my step father who was a businessman and my step mother and father who were both bankers.
All 4 individuals were business people hence it was instilled in me at a young age to use my hands and not rely on a single income. My biological mum and step dad are both late now but my dad and step mother have now retired and successfully run a petrol station and a liquor store in Harare.
Went to Louis Mt Batten School, Chengu Primary School in Highfield and St John’s High School in Emerald Hill. After school with 5 O levels I did not go for A levels and opted to do a Diploma in Executive Secretarial at Trust Academy.
I had my first job at 17 as a receptionist for Nyemba & Associates Legal Practioners. 6 months later I jumped on the bandwagon and took the journey abroad to do nursing at the University of Wolverhampton which I dropped out of to return home to pursue my passion of Journalism at CCOSA.
Due to the economic situation in Zim in 2008, once again I relocated to SA in search of a job while pursuing a Degree in Communication Science.
Again with no success of securing a job I started She Means Business (SMB). This became a source of solace in a foreign land to give hope and empower other women who could not secure employment or who had decided to become entrepreneurs.

SS: You have positively impacted many women. Can you share some of the programs that your organization runs?

MZ: As an organization, we run; Business Showers, Grocery & Car Clubs, Workshops, Book Clubs, Networking, Marketing platform online to over 40 000 women.

SS: SMB is synonymous with empowerment. Tell us more about this organisation.

MZ: The Group was established  on Facebook by Michelle Chikanda Zuzeyo in November 2012 To create opportunities to empower, connect and grow women in business, through mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, and skills development.
The organization was registered as a Trust in February 2016 in Zimbabwe and  we have  7 Board Members and registered in South Africa in 2021
80 percent of our members are in Zimbabwe. Our Facebook membership is over 45 000.
What are your future aspirations.

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SS: What are your future aspirations.

MZ: Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of any economy, and require useful support if they are to succeed. Inorder to support women we intend on having an Entrepreneural Hub in Harare where women can walk in for assistance and advice on entrepreneurship and business support issues. The purpose of the Hub is to create an environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses can thrive through the support of government-private partnerships.

SS: Any partnerships you have had with individuals or organisations?

MZ: TofaraOnline in Digital Marketing online courses, The Finance Wizz – Financial Planning and Blue Scroll – Writing. These are the few of many small businesses we have partnered with. We believe in uplifting other small businesses and go by the mantra We Rise by Lifting Others.

SS: Any partnerships you have had with individuals or organisations?

MZ: TofaraOnline in Digital Marketing online courses
The Finance Wizz – Financial Planning
Blue Scroll – Writing

Above are the few of many small businesses we have partnered with. We believe in uplifting other small businesses and go by the mantra We Rise by Lifting Others.

SS: How does one become a member?

MZ: In two ways. Free on Facebook and WhatsApp for networking and marketing. Secondly by paying an annual subscription to Partake in all other programs we offer.

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SS: Mental health is a major topic nowadays because of effects of covid on ones psyche. How do you tackle this at SMB?

MZ: Workshops in 2021 on the following topics were held :
✅Mental Health Check
✅Understanding Personality Disorders
✅S. E. L. F
✅Gender Based Violence

Sympathy Sibanda

I love life, am a creative, a published author and a serial entrepreneur. Award winning Co-founder at Amandla Brands.

11 thoughts on “Social Entrepreur On The Rise: Michelle Zuzeyo

  1. This is a good women driven support organization that needs to be spread in the region. This is a women empowering business entity but I think it’s high time it must be inclusive because SHE need a HE support. You also need to go into marginalized women societies and support small women businesses in rural communities.

  2. SMB really helped me in so many ways eg social, how to start a business and how I can pursue my dreams and to have confidence in myself anything is possible

  3. SMB is so inspiring,you can see how women are working and uplifting their lives in the business world .I used to lack confidence but with all the lessons from different coaches i am ready to start the projects that I always wanted to do . thank you SMB

  4. Keep soaring Mimi and continue doing amazing things in many women’s life. You are an epitome of hope, courage and an inspiration to many. God bless you!!

  5. Well done Michelle and thank you for creating such a wonderful platform for women to network and learn. Most of my business success is attributed to the SMB trainings that l participated in. I was also very fortunate to be part of the mentorship program offered by SMB and this helped a lot to shape me into the entrepreneur l am today.

  6. My experience after coming across SMB and Michelle Zuzeyo has been phenomenal❣ l have learnt so much and Still do ,Michelle is a beautiful soul ,a great leader with great PR skills, always keen to help and meet you at your level .SMB is changing lives ,when a woman is empowered the whole world is changed!

  7. Michelle has really inspired me at a personal level. I’ve only met her once at a baby shower in Johannesburg but I’ll never forget her impact on my life. She’s very easy going and very accommodating. Keep up the good work u’re doing in raising and training woman in business. Well done!

  8. Thank you Michelle for the Amazing work you are doing in uplifting and empowering women with business skills and the necessary tools through the various training and membership based programs which help women with financial support and skills for start ups. I would highly recommend women out there who are looking at starting their own businesses to take a look at this membership based programs as they are very minimal and go a long way in assisting with financial needs!

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