SJMF Music Business Conference high profile drive

SJMF Music Business Conference high profile drive

HARARE: The Stanbic Jacaranda Music Festival’s (SJMF) business conference kicks off today and has a top billing lineup of presentations and guests scheduled.

One of South Africa’s most successful singers, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, also best known for her entrepreneurial, and humanitarian work, is the key speaker as the business conference’s first day.

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I’m in Love with a DJ.” became Chaka Chaka’s professional career starter in early 1980s and her several albums sold enough copies to reach gold and platinum status. Yvonne continues to make time to motivate, inspire, and educate everyone she meets. And she says “I am always ready to learn from others.”

This high profile participation by the legendary Yvonne is a huge testament of the importance of this business conference to the artists and business community in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to SJMF’s manager, Tariro Chaniwa, she expressed the importance of this business conference during the festival as it brings many opportunities for artists.

“The Stanbic Jacaranda Music Business Conference is important to us and to artists because it provides education for artists, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. It also allows us to get industry trends and insights which shape and inform our programming.” said Tariro

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The SJMF business conference runs from October 4th until the 5th. Discussions will range from Exploring emerging trends and models in the creative sector; An in-depth look at various products and services available to creative entrepreneurs; Artistic contributions, cultural impact, mentorship and philanthropy; The role of innovation in fostering revenue streams and business opportunities for creative professionals; and Industry partnerships and access to new markets among others.

Download the program here

Some of the key panelists and speakers at the conference include, Walter Wanyanya (SJMF Zimbabwe), Nicholas Moyo- National Arts Council (Zimbabwe), Ignacio Priego (Spain), TakuChihambakwe-NRTV, Simran Bains (Canada), J Something (MICASA – South Africa), Auxillia Kambasha (Stanbic – Zimbabwe), Ranga Mberi (Zimbabwe), and SizaMukwedini (Matamba Filmlabs – Zimbabwe), among many others.

“The workshops were fully subscribed before we even announce the program. This is testament to us that the hunger for creatives has grown and there is an intentional effort to want to develop their craft on the business side.” added Tariro

The music festival starts on Friday the 6th.

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