Sithole: ‘Our policy is to make Bulawayo one of the best cities in SADC’

Sithole: ‘Our policy is to make Bulawayo one of the best cities in SADC’

Councillors play a vital role in meeting the needs of local communities. They serve their communities by listening to people in the local area and then representing those views on council. They make decisions that can change local communities and environments.

Bulawayo was once considered as the cleanest city in Zimbabwe. That has changed as some of its residents have developed a hostile relationship with their local council authorities, The residents claim that the city has eroded into its worst standard environment ever.

Shepherd Sithole is among the aspiring Bulawayo councillors who are aiming to be voted in the local offices in the upcoming elections which will be held in on the 23rd of August. Sithole will be hoping to be elected as ward 1 councillor under the Citizens Coalition for Change ticket.

Ward 1 in Bulawayo consists mostly parts of the Bulawayo, Central Business District which has been viewed by most residents as the most unclean and neglected part of Bulawayo. Shepherd Sithole believes that it’s time for Bulawayo’s dignity and status to be restored.

The aspiring ward 1 councillor has been embarking in clean up campaigns across the city along with non-governmental organization. He is also involved in ‘save water’ campaign programmes with students from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

In addition, Shepherd Sithole has been advocating for youth empowerment in politics.

When questioned what his main goals are if elected within 100 days in office, Sithole told, My Afrika Magazine that they won’t be any reason to wait for 100 days but to wait for the first day in office which is the day when change will be implemented.

“Our policy is to make Bulawayo one of the smartest cities in Southern Africa. We are not going to wait for 100 days. Our work starts on the first day in office,” he said.

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Sithole said his main goal is for residents to have access to clean water.

“We want to make sure each household has clean running water at least in the first months in office,” he said.

He further added, that waste refusal collection and for each suburb to have a street lights is part of mission.

When asked why members of the public should trust the triple C councillors, when the opposition parties have been accused of failing the residents of Bulawayo.

Sithole took the blame to the Ministry of local government, which he said it’s blocking the roles of councillors.

Mr Sithole is a resident of Bulawayo in ward 1 and has an undergraduate degree in Local Government Studies which he obtained in Midlands State University

Tapiwa Rubaya

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