Sikhala accuses ANC for fuelling Zimbabwe’s troubles

Sikhala accuses ANC for fuelling Zimbabwe’s troubles

Opposition figure Job Sikhala has pointed a finger at South Africa’s ruling party, alleging its complicity in undermining Zimbabwe’s democratic struggle by endorsing flawed elections in the country.

In an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation’s HardTalk host Stephen Sucker, Sikhala criticized the ANC for its role in diminishing the mass democratic movement in Zimbabwe.

He highlighted the ANC’s involvement in brokering the global political agreement following Robert Mugabe’s defeat in the elections, suggesting that the ANC’s actions served to undermine the opposition’s efforts.

Sikhala accused the ANC, particularly its secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, of consistently making inflammatory remarks against the Zimbabwean opposition and its people, indicating a deliberate policy to thwart democratic forces in Zimbabwe.

He also pointed to a summit in Victoria Falls attended by Zanu PF, ANC, and other liberation movements, where strategies to suppress opposition parties and maintain power were discussed.

Sikhala didn’t spare President Emmerson Mnangagwa, holding him responsible for the challenges faced by opposition parties like Citizens Coalition for Change. Mnangagwa, who is currently abroad for medical treatment claiming poisoning during his imprisonment, was criticized for perpetuating cycles of poverty, oppression, and electoral fraud.

Launching the National Democratic Working Group, Sikhala emphasized the movement’s commitment to the people’s wishes and aspirations, aiming to break free from political constraints and address economic hardships.

Sikhala’s resolve to risk his life for Zimbabwe’s liberation from economic deprivation underscores the urgency of the situation.

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