Sibusiso Shishaba Crowned Mister Mpumalanga: A rising star in South Africa’s pageant scene

Sibusiso Shishaba Crowned Mister Mpumalanga: A rising star in South Africa’s pageant scene

Sibusiso Shishaba was announced as the itch title holder of Mister Mpumalanga during the coronation of the new King of Mister Mpumalanga pageant last week in South Africa, Mpumalanga.

Sibusiso is a multifaceted individual residing in the vibrant community of Kanyamazane under the Mbombela Municipality. At the age of 24, he embodies a spirit of determination and versatility that reflects in his various pursuits. Currently pursuing a qualification in Business Administration, Sibusiso is not only a diligent student but also a content writer, adept at crafting compelling narratives and engaging content. His passion for communication extends beyond the written word; he is a dynamic public speaker, captivating audiences with his eloquence and insights.

In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine journalist Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), the newly crowned Mpumalanga King Sibusiso (SS) gives us a vivid picture of what happened during his coronation and the word of advice he received from the former Kings who had graced the event.

TR: Can you briefly tell us about who you are and congratulations in winning the title?

SS: My name is Sibusiso Shishaba a 24 year old boy from Kanyamazan, currently a business administration student and a content writer. Also a young pastor from Sunrise House of Prayer.

TR: Sibusiso why do you think the judges selected you as the correct to be the King of Mpumalanga?

SS: Well honestly that’s an interesting question that I myself I would like to ask the judges one day (giggles).I never believe in myself but on the stage I expressed myself to the fullest and I didn’t doubt myself was calm and I answered the question honestly. I saw the platform as an opportunity to experience myself. I think that’s why they choose me.

TR: Briefly can you tell us about your community, Kanyamazane?

SS: Kanyamazane is a vibrant community that is under Mbombela Municipality and its population is largely of young people and great potential. It’s an interesting community due to projects and work that is happening in Kanyamazane. That’s where I come from.

TR: Can you describe your journey to the throne?

SS: Honestly it was tough but also a self-introspection journey. I never thought I would be part of this great platform until December when I joined the Mr Mpumalanga platform.

TR: How do you plan to inspire and motivate, young people in Mpumalanga to take positive action in their lives?

NEWS-1-1024x1024 Sibusiso Shishaba Crowned Mister Mpumalanga: A rising star in South Africa's pageant scene

SS: As a content writer and also a person who is into public speaking I believe that information is what my community needs. For the community to know that change doesn’t require a lot of things but knowing who you are and what you are born to do, be that person with purpose.

TR: Aside from everything you are a Pastor, with the Christian community many don’t recognize modelling as a career.

SS: That’s another interesting question. I strongly believe that as a community we should separate our beliefs on other things as they might turn things into a controversial matter as we are meant to live in unity regardless of who are you or what you do.

TR: Back to the competition what was your favourite part?

SS: The evening segment. That’s was my favourite part. It might be because if I was wearing my dapper suit and looking formal but yes that’s was my moment again. And also the having to engage with the community because I was always an indoor person.

TR: During the competition what did you learnt about yourself?

SS: I learned that I can do anything as long as I put my mind into it. I noticed that I do have a big heart for people just I didn’t have a platform to put it to work. Also that I don’t have to do a big thing to change someone’s life.

TR: What words of encouragement did you receive from the former Mister Mpumalanga title winners?

SS: The 2023 King, Sithembiso gave me profound words of wisdom and I won’t forget them. He said don’t lose yourself in and be you because regardless of anything, not everyone will like you. Be you and do you.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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