‘She deserved a national hero status’

‘She deserved a national hero status’

ZAPU mourns the death of Zodwa ‘Makhumalo’ Dabengwa wife of the late National Hero Dumiso Dabengwa, who was laid to rest on the 8th of July at Ntabazinduna.

She passed away at the age of 75 due to respiratory illness on the 15th of June in London.

Her husband was the former leader of the opposition party ZAPU leader, Dumiso Dabengwa.

Despite that the government, paid for her funeral.
Questions have been raised by the revolutionary party and some members of the public, on why Zodwa Dabengwa was not officially recognized as a national hero.

dabengwa-makhumalo-900 'She deserved a national hero status'

The party also expressed regret that despite having fought for independence, both the Dabengwa died outside the country seeking treatment due to Zimbabwe’s deteriorating health care system.

Speaker after speaker all described the late Zodwa Dabengwa as a God-loving and fearing person.

Mthulisi Hanana the secretary general of ZAPU, said the late MaKhumalo set a good example of being a wife and a great supporter to the late Hero Dumiso Dabengwa and the ZAPU party.

“You stood with him to the end. When there were bombings in Zambia you stood with him.”

“When others sold their husbands out to save their own lives, you stood with him,” said General Mthulisi Hanana.

Hanana further likened the late Hanana to national heroes such as Lozikeyi, Mama Mafuyana, Ruth Chinamano and many others.

“As a wife of a minister, you carried yourself with dignity. You need not even one day appeared on TV or anywhere for that matter flexing muscles borrowed from your husband,” said Hanana

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