Shared tourism benefit for Zambia & Zimbabwe

Shared tourism benefit for Zambia & Zimbabwe

A Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA) is defined in the SADC Protocol on Wildlife Conservation and Law Enforcement (1999) as a component of a large ecological region that straddles the boundaries of two or more countries encompassing one more protected areas as well as multiple resource use areas.

Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Zimbabwe Hon Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndhlovu and the Minister of Tourism Zambia Hon Rodney Sikumba signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formally establish the coordination, development and management of the Lower Zambezi Mana Pools (LOZAMAP) TFCA at a historic event at Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare. (source Ministry of Tourism)

The TFCA measures approximately 17745kmĀ² covering main National Parks (Lower Zambezi and Mana Pools), Game Management Areas, Safari Areas, Communal land, private land and conservancies.

347231881_574888264532013_1180538180999768553_n Shared tourism benefit for Zambia & Zimbabwe

This initiative is not a new line of business and it is by no means an end in itself but constitutes the opening of new opportunities for the two Governments, local communities and stakeholders to build tempo on Sustainable Development Programmes and ensure that all the participating players and stakeholders are strategically positioned for equitable sharing of tangible benefits.

The LOZAMAP TFCA Programme provides huge opportunities and ample space for the implementation of the provisions of the SADC Treaty with focus on cooperation and integration through joint planning and implementation of specific Biodiversity Conservation, Law Enforcement, Investment, Eco-tourism, Business Development Programmes and Projects.

Zambia and Zimbabwe are already collaborating in several existing programmes, including the Kavango Zambezi and Zimbabwe Mozambique Zambia Transfrontier Conservation Areas, joint energy development and power generation on the Zambezi River, Water Resources Conservation and Management on the shared Lake Kariba. (Source Minister of Tourism )

The LOZAMAP TFCA will also increase the local and international profile of the Area, thereby greatly enhancing its potential as a tourist destination and to develop joint promotional campaigns that will stimulate the three-way flow of tourists, thereby increasing the tourism potential for the Area and to facilitate the freedom of movement of people within the Area.

The historic event was also attended by the Secretary for Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Zimbabwe Ambassador R.T. Faranisi, Director General for Zimparks Dr F.U. Mangwanya, Secretary for Tourism Zambia Mr Muhanga, Director for National Parks and Wildlife Zambia Mr Chomba, Senior Government Officials, stakeholders and other invited guests.(source Ministry of Tourism)

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