‘Rosemary hitlist’ – Killer Nomia’s true-life documentary series

‘Rosemary hitlist’ – Killer Nomia’s true-life documentary series

She was supposed to benefit more than 1.4 million rands, with blood in her hands. The story that shocked the world of a mother who is spending her life in prison after her deeds were caught by the same law that she works for, will be aired at Showmax this month of June under the title ‘Rosemary’s Hitlist’ documentary.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, is a name that still hunts many in South Africa.

It all started on the 12th of October 2015, when Rosemary Ndlovu’s partner and father of her child, Yingwani Maurice Mabasa, disappeared from their residence. Three days later, his body was discovered in Oli Fantsfontein, with 76 stab wounds.

stabs-1024x504 ‘Rosemary hitlist’ – Killer Nomia’s true-life documentary series

Mabasa had 16 insurance policies all worth 400 000 rands and the sole beneficiary being Rosemary Ndlovu, driving the motive for the murder.

In 2021 Nomia was sentenced to 6 consecutive life terms for not only Mabasa’s murder but also for the killing of five members of her own family, which resulted in her benefiting from Insurance worthy 1.4 million rands. The documentary, ‘Rosemary Hitlist’ aims to take viewers the life of Nomia, as a true-life documentary series.

Rosemary Hitlist was created by Idea Candy and was directed by Valen’Tino Mathibela.

In 2012 a woman was murdered in Olifantsfontein. A year later, a woman was poisoned in Bushbuckridge. Then each year from 2015 to 2018 another victim appeared. The connection? They were all related. And on every life insurance policy was one beneficiary: Rosemary Ndlovu. Unpack the trail of killings on #RosemarysHitlist coming soon to Showmax.

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