Rising star in Afro-Fusion and Dance music, songstress Charisma’s journey

Rising star in Afro-Fusion and Dance music, songstress Charisma’s journey

L Charisma (born Lorraine Makopa) is a Zimbabwean singer. She was born in Zvishavane and raised in the nation’s capital, Harare. She started as a backing vocalist for gospel musician then in 2018 she finally took the spotlight for herself and began recording her own music, culminating in her 2021 release “What You Want”.

“Music is my sanctuary; it’s where I find solace, harmony and a profound sense of connection with my spirit and creativity,” said Charisma.

She released a song titled “You’re Mine” with US based Zimbabwean singer Drealnova. The song is a love song blending elements of dance and Afro-fusion. A music video to accompany the song was released with a follow up mini-documentary that chronicles the making of the upbeat and colourful video.

L Charisma also collaborated with Melyssa ZW on the single “Woman” that carries themes of feminism, self-praise and showcases her dancing ability.

Recently she released a song titled “Sunday to Monday” with awards winning Afro-pop sensation Ishan. The track symbolizes the journey of love and companionship. It is accompanied by a music video to it which has a retro ambiance to it.

“Collaborating with Ishan has been a defining moment in my musical odyssey, allowing me to witness his immense talent firsthand and glean invaluable insights from our sessions.”

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L Charisma – Weekend Visualiser

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