Providing a pathway for all ages

Providing a pathway for all ages

Advent Commonwealth, a Zimbabwean Church based organization pursues to expand knowledge, build linkages through networking and resources.

The organisation started in 2017 with the platform which engages with entrepreneurs, builds careers and engages with professionals to provide a path for those starting out while cementing the path for those who have made it.

The Founder of Advent Commonwealth, Mr Felix Joswa said he is passionate and encouraged by the work they have done to date.

“We started at Greendale Seventh Day Adventist church with an over-subscribed men’s conference encouraging them not to be spiritual only but also lead on the marketplace,” he said.

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Joswa added more on how to reduce the gulf between businesses and how best to benefit each other’s vision.

“This culminated into a program that brought all genders. We had over 400 people attending and exhibiting. More calls came to build this initiative into a more formal and professional gatherings.  The idea was acceptable throughout the spectrums.  We are still not fully funded but we keep pressing on in order to help entrepreneurs come together, to provide career guidance to students who are still building their future,” he explained.

On the 11th of December 2022, the organisation will hold a day of presentations ending with a Get-Together dinner. The career guidance will take place at the Zimbabwe agricultural society from 8 am to 1pm while the artisans and professionals will run on the same day as well.

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While the organisers are Adventists, the event and initiative is open to everyone who subscribes to tenets of entrepreneurship and professionalism.

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