Pope Benedict Had His Heart in Africa

Pope Benedict Had His Heart in Africa

Pope Benedict was a special church leader for many, not only in his country but worldwide primarily in Africa.

During his nearly nine year- pontificate Benedict XVI only made at least two trips to Africa, visiting Cameroon, Angola and the Benin Republic.

“His visit was limited to the two countries, but he intended to embrace in spirit of all the Africans…”

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His first visit was in 2009, which marked the 11th visit at the capital of Cameroon from March 17th to the 20th.

Pope Benedict then continued with his journey to Angola from the 20th-23rd of March 2009 and during his visit, he spoke about the challenges that the continent was facing by then.

During his public address, he remembered masses of people in Africa who suffered from AIDS and TB, and he encouraged the church to play its role as a comforter to those who are suffering as he offered an example of Simon of Cyrene.

The late Pope Benedict also made some calls during his visit to end conflicts in Africa and to restore peace.

During the unfortunately numerous and tragic conflicts which still afflict various regions of the continent, the church knows she must be a sign and instrument of unity and reconciliation so that the whole of Africa may build together a future of Justice.

Pope Benedict was from German, and he was once quote saying spiritual garbage is poisoning Africa.

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