Politicians promise to fulfill the late Father Zimbabwe’s vision

Politicians promise to fulfill the late Father Zimbabwe’s vision

On the 1st of July every year, Zimbabwe as a nation united remembers the passing away of the late Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo.

Politicians from different political parties across the country raised the same voice of unity which was spoken by the late National Hero.

The ruling party ZANU-PF led by their presidential candidate, during a rally in which they had hosted this past weekend on the 1st of July in Bulilima.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe is united and will continue in the form of unity and he added that tribalism has no room for tribalism.

The third opposition party in parliament held its second rally in Marondera since the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) nomination candidates process was conducted.

The message was delivered by Triple C through their social media platforms. They praised the works of the late Vice President Nkomo.

The party also urged the youths to follow and imitate the late Father Zimbabwe:

“We celebrate and honor his immense contributes to the freedom and liberation of our loved country Zimbabwe let us remember and honor the legacy of Nkomo.”

While the breakaway ZAPU party from the ZANU PF party still maintains that it was founded by the late Joshua Nkomo.

95687093_gettyimages-3262381-2 Politicians promise to fulfill the late Father Zimbabwe's vision

ZANU-PF launched its 2023 elections manifesto in Bulawayo on the 1st of July.

Dr Nkomo died on July 1, 1999 at the age of 82 and was buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare

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