Within four months since the  hit song, People, was released by Cameroonian  superstar, Libianca Fonji it has been streamed more than 150 million times. 

She left US for Cameroon when she was four and settled at Mamenda and moved back to Minnesota  when she was teenager. 

Instead of fufilling the dream that her parents had for her to be a fully registered  nurse,her mother paid  for voice lessons and  guitars tuition  and her father  acted as her manager. 

Fast forward, she applied to VOICES, a music talent show, impressing judges with her soulful rendition  of SZA’s Good days and progressed to the live shows before being voted out. 

“I don’t like to lose. So when i got eliminated I was like. I was doing  so good on this show and I didn’t win?. Are you serious!. Something’s wrong,” she said, in an interview with BBC. 

She wrote, ‘People’ in November, after throwing  a thanksgiving party where she felt invisible while her friends were celebrating, Libianca spent much of the night crying in the bathroom. 

When she came downstairs, no one noticed her puffy red eyes. No one asked her how she was. They simply offered her a drink. 

The song has been number one for eight weeks, on the UK’s Afrobeats Charts. 

Lyrics in the song discuss her experience of the rare kood disorder cyclothyma ( source BBC  News)

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