Pauline sails solo in ndakakumirira

Vocal sensation Pauline Gundidza has dropped the video to her solo single “Ndakakumirira”, a well-arranged composition of both lyric and sound designed to tug at the heartstrings of those in a long-distance romantic relationship.

Shot by Marah Media, the project is an ensemble of refined aesthetics, from the warm hue of the picture to the gorgeousness of the songbird floating to the beat while donning Afro-couture inspired outfits.

“I would like to thank (my fans) for supporting me on this journey. Enjoy this long-distance – love-inspired mbira fusion track and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel “, said Pauline in a message released ahead of the video premiere.

An ex-band member of the popular yesteryear outfit, Mafriq, Pauline is one of the pioneer prodigies of urban music in Zimbabwe. Her distinguished vocal prowess in Mafriq gave life to many hit songs like “Ndomuudza Sei” and “Zuva“.

The urban music movement of the time, known as the Urban Grooves, would fizzle out towards the end of 2008, and a more aggressive sound took over the territory, the Zim Dance Hall craze. Many young talents folded and sank into oblivion, some migrated to the new rhythm and rebranded themselves. A handful, like Pauline, stayed put and continued to hold on faithfully to the urban sound.

Standing bold in the way of a bulwark of challenges, Pauline would embark on a journey of re-discovery, re-invention, and perfection over the years. Apart from being a vocalist, the songbird is also gifted at playing the mbira.

Off the mic, Pauline is involved in projects and initiatives that help fellow upcoming female artistes find their foothold in the competition ridden, male-dominated music industry.

She’s also a robust advocate of the gender cause.

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