Lesotho demands their land back from south Africa.

Lesotho demands their land back from south Africa.

“It’s time for what is ours to be returned to us,” Tsepo Lipholo (MP)

Landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho’s members of parliament are debating a motion to reclaim huge tracks of Land from their only neighbor, South Africa. 

NIK0218-scaled-1-683x1024 Lesotho demands their land back from south Africa.

The motion was forwarded by Lesotho’s opposition MP, whose main aim was to declare the Free State province in South Africa to be declared as part of Lesotho. 

Free state borders Lesotho. 

The Basotho Convenient Movement, member of parliament had informed members of the press in Lesotho, that he hopes Lesotho to be united after the motion is passed. 

“I hope that after the debate, our country will be returned to us as should have long been,” said Tsepo Lipholo.

The motion that was sent by the Basotho Convenient, lawmaker MP Lipholo, is based on a 1962 United Nations resolution that recognised the right to self-determination and Independence for the people of Basutoland now known as Lesotho. 

BCM in the previous elections, campaigned over the return of their land. 

However, the government of Lesotho looks unlikely to pick a fight with its neighbor and has not commented in it. 

As the economy of Lesotho, it depends on South Africa’s social, economic and politics of South Africa. 

BCM has only one seat out of 120 parliamentarian seats in Lesotho. 

If the motion is passed Lesotho will kick off a process that could see the territorial claim turn into law and tension might arise between the two close neighbors. 

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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