Pastor Pens Book on Marriage

Pastor Pens Book on Marriage

Celebrating more than three decades of marriage in the 21st century calls for a month-long commemoration in the wake of divorce prevalence.

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 It is with such an experience that Pastor Rhoda Mafukidze penned a book to share her secrets to a failproof marriage.

Pastor Mafukidze mentioned that: “As a Pastor I know my responsibility is to teach and inform people about right and wrong. Celebrating more than 3 decades in marriage led me to think about sharing things I consider as tips of success. The book is not exhaustive but it offers authentic personal experiences.”

The book is scheduled to be launched in the capital city of Harare on the 1st of July in what is expected be a star-studded event and all are invited.

 “People should attend this book launch because in this postmodern era we need failproof marriages like never before, it could be yourself, a friend or relative. I believe intact and functional family units translate to intact communities and ultimately a more productive unit ” she explained.

Pastor Mafukidze and her husband have served in the AFM Church before they both started their own ministry called Triumphant Life International Ministries.

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