Nigerian chef breaks Guinness World Record!

Nigerian chef breaks Guinness World Record!

It is a dream of many to find themselves placed in the infamous Guinness Book of World Records. Year in and year out thousands of people make efforts to break already held records; some of them succeed while others fail. One of these dreamers is Nigerian chef Hilda Effiong Bassey who now finds herself in the Guinness book of world records at only 26-years of age.

What record does she hold you ask? The longest cooking marathon. Bassey prepared 100 dishes for a straight 4 days (her actual record is 93 hours 11 minutes). Bassey had to follow a set of rigorous rules: she could only take five-minute breaks in each hour, she had to have at least two items cooking at a time and she could not depend on her sous-chef to assist with the actual cooking. The actual cooking event took place from 11-15 May 2023.

split-image-of-Hilda-Baci-cooking_tcm25-752609 Nigerian chef breaks Guinness World Record!

During her marathon, singer Tiwa Savage, the Vice president of Nigeria and governor of Lagos state all paid Bassey a visit. The event became so famous online that the website doing a live streaming of the event crashed due to the unprecedented traffic. Anyone else inspired to go after a dream or break a record?

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