Neville Sigauke & Asaph take Mhondoro International

Neville Sigauke & Asaph take Mhondoro International

Mbira Dze Hip-hop aka Neville Sigauke is well known for his fusion of the traditional mbira instrument and hip-hop music.

Neville Sigauke collaborated with one of most ranked as best hip-hop artists in Zimbabwe, Asaph in the song Mhondoro.

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The song is inspired by a conversation which, Neville Sigauke a Zimbabwe artist who is based in South Africa with his friend who was searching for mbira instruments. Amongst them include the one which, Neville used for the song Mhondoro.

After Neville was shown the instruments he thought of using the instrument, in the song Mhondoro.

The song Mhondoro also takes Neville to his roots where he derives from traditions there is a prominent song in Zimbabwe that says “Mhondoro dzinomwa muna Save” which is where Neville derives from and that is where half part of the video was shoot.

The video has appeared on Trace Africa Tv and other music channels from across the continent which Neville Sigauke described as one of the greatest achievements of the song.

Talking about his collaboration with Asaph in the song, he first described the multi-award-winning hip-hop artist Asaph as a professional artist and a humble person.

“I respect his work and that he took his time to work with me it means a lot and shows his dedication in the industry,” said Neville.

He further said it was all thanks to social media for the two to meet.

“In 2020, I saw in my YouTube account a notification that Asaph had subscribed, the same on Twitter that was the reason enough for me to approach him. I then asked some of my friends who knew him to assist with his contact, and we then started to have the conversation,” said Neville.

He also added that he hopes to work with him on other projects.

The video was also shot at Matopos and Birchenough Bridge.

Another artist that they worked with in terms of costumes is Zimbabwe’s fashion designer who is based in Bulawayo.

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