Music can’t be muted

Music can’t be muted

“They want to arrest the music. Music should flow like a river. They don’t have to control my playlist. I want to play what I want, I have to play what you want”, Winky D

Prominent dancehall musician and multi-award-winning artist, Wallace Chirumiko, Winky D, as broken his silence during the ZITF shutdown 6th edition which was held on Saturday the 29th of April.

Winky D is well known by many as a champion of social activism. He has been on mute since the month of February this year, and this was after performing in public event and police disrupted the show in Chitungwiza.

The ZITF event was attended by thousands and was held in Bulawayo at Queens Sports Club. Part of the songs that were sang by Winky Dee include Ijipita, Kasong Kajecha, Njema among others. The songs are viewed as anthems of cry over social injustice.

During his performance, Winky D informed his supporters that he won’t be silenced despite withdrawing from singing one of his songs.

He claimed that, by withdrawing the song (Ibotso) was all in protection of the public and himself.

Others have suggested, that the multi-award winning artist to venture into politics like Sandra Ndebele, who was part of the artists who performed at the ZITF shutdown event, will be contesting in the upcoming elections for a seat as a councillor in Bulawayo under ZANU PF ticket.

A number of Winky D’s fans through social media welcomed Winky D’s comeback. Some went further to liken him with Uganda’s main opposition leader Bobi Wine.

The ZITF Shutdown show was headlined by both local and international artists who include Lady Du, Stokie, Levels, Fantan and many more.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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