Moments with Zim musician TNG Khamkadzi

Moments with Zim musician TNG Khamkadzi

Zimdancehall is one of the international genres to ever originate from Zimbabwe, however despite the genre having been associated with social activism some people believe its dominance in the music industry is coming to an end.

After you take some time and listen to TNG Khamkadzi’s music then you will think and re-think, when it comes to any negative views said about the Zimdancehall music.

In an exclusive interview with TNG Khamkadzi (TG), My Afrika Mag reporter Tapiwa Rubaya (TR) asked her about her views on Zim dancehall’s future and about her trending song, Zvandagaya. During the interview, she also tells us more about her music journey.

TR: TNG Khamkadzi can you introduce yourself to My Africa Mag readers?

TG: Thank you for the opportunity, TNG is an abbreviation of my Government name Tatenda Ngoshi and Khamkadzi is my stage name meaning Woman King from Ngoma Republic Alkebulan.

TR: Why did you venture into dancehall music?

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TG: Dancehall music is ghetto music, It talks about the ghetto life which is where I am from so it’s a no-brainer for me to sing Dancehall, I also come from a music family Decepticonz where my brothers and sisters are also into dancehall.

TR: What is your definition of the term dancehall music?

TG: Dancehall definition in this case Zimdancehall is Culture.

TR: What is your take on the rumor that Zimdancehall is a ship that is about to sink?

TG: Dancehall can not sink because it is part of our culture, there haven’t been new voices especially female voices for a long time and since KHAMKADZI is here now let’s set and sail.

TR: What inspires your music and your songs what stories do they tell?

TG: My music is inspired by a lot that is: my environment, my upbringing. In my music, I talk about my true life stories, everything that happens in the multiverse, and mostly about injustice towards the female gender.

TR: The song ‘Zvandagaya ‘, has been trending on social media can you tell us more about the song?

TG: Zvandagaya is a song that I wrote simply it’s part of my imagination you know when you think out of the box u can come up with something spectacular like that and its also part of my art that can differentiate me from other people meaning to say I have my art and style when it comes to dancehall music.

TR: What does it mean to work with brands such as Chillspot and Yoplugs?

TG: It’s a blessing very competitive and all but overall fulfilling cause these are milestones in my journey.

TR: International in dancehall music whom would you like to work with?

TG: I would like to work with a lot of people from artists like Shansea Sean Paul Popcaan Koffee etc to producers like Anju Blacks, chimney, Di Genius, Precision production island records, etc.

TR: Any word of advice to other female upcoming musicians?

TG: I would like to advise female artists to put work into their craft. Nothing is impossible and when you do get engaged remember you are representing me and all the other females in the world #Don’tFumble. We are all the same so we should work #ShandaHama. Hard times never kill. Sweet comes from Sweat work extra hard and achieves your goal …never give up because hard times never kill and lastly be independent.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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